Unrest in UK, Syria, China, Spain, Portugal and other places – We need more balance and common sense – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall ON –  Wow, the world seems to be exploding.    Riots across England, Syria, Israel; and even China!   Spain and Portugal, and many other countries around the globe simmering.    Imagine what it takes to get people to that point? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDgxEYTQk50 Simple answers?  Nope, but I do think it comes down to Universal […]

The Ugly Side of Democracy In Canada – Anti-Harper Rally Reactions – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – Sunday June 12, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario HD VIDEO

The Ugly Side of Democracy In Canada – Anti-Harper Rally Reactions – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – Sunday June 12, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario  HD VIDEO

Cornwall ON – I’m still a rookie in the journalism field.     I’m not really a journalist although I portray one occasionally.    I’ve not been burdened with some of the hypocritical rhetoric it takes to be a top notch network Newsy. My eyes have really seen a bit of how news works; what […]

1984 Happening in China? Is Canada Next? Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei, Writers, Human Right’s Lawyers, and Bloggers Detained Over Jasmine Revolution – April 4, 2011

Cornwall ON – In George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 it was forbidden to write.  Having pen & paper and using them could be punishable by death.   The book’s first chapter starts in April which makes it ironic to read about Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist and activist who has just been arrested by Chinese officials […]

Muammar Gaddafi Vows to Fight to End in Libya – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – March 20, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – As I watch events unfold in Libya it’s like watching the movie Scarface.    Oliver Stone wrote the script which was directed by Brian DiPalma and in which Al Pacino will probably be more remembered than for his role in The Godfather. Lines like “Say Hello to my Little Friend” have been […]

The Fukushima Blues – Special to the Cornwall Free News by Roy Berger – March 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

The Fukushima Blues – Special to the Cornwall Free News by Roy Berger – March 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – You asked me for an editorial on the nuclear thing. You know what. I’ve tried a few pages. I am way too angry and mad to write something I can live with. My contempt for Parliament, the Kremlin and The White House is a burden. We got here because we can’t learn […]

Letter to the Editor by Elaine MacDonald – International Women’s Day, 2011: A Call to Action

Strikes and demonstrations among textile workers in 1911 marked the beginning of the labour movement’s call for women’s right to work, vote, hold office and end discrimination. At the 100-year mark, women around the world and in Canada in particular, celebrate considerable progress. For example, at work and in politics, whereas women were totally excluded […]

Economic Protests Changing the World – Egypt, Libya, Algeria, are China and Canada Next? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – February 28, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Egypt, Libya, Algeria, is China next?  This weekend protests were reported in China.   Economics are the main theme of protests around the world as food and fuel inflation have been hurting people’s ability to survive. Mix in corruption in many countries and you get some very frustrated people.   Now these […]

Cameras VS Clubs – The G 20 in Toronto Revisited – Darkest Days of Harper Government – February 27, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Maybe it’s the timing?   CBC is doing a special on the G 20 and what happened to hundreds of Canadians last year at the hand of Police at the G20. That event changed my perspective about media and working in the media.   You see I was there.   I went […]

Texas To Allow Students and Profs to Pack Guns in Class – Yeee Haaw! Boy Am I Glad I Live in Canada! – Feburary 21, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Hand guns.  I know, I take heat as I think they should be banned except for extreme circumstances or for use in secure facilities for people that need to have things go bang and really blow stuff up. Now, semi-shockingly, the state of Texas is about to actually allow guns for students and teachers […]

Tunisia, Egypt…? Who’s Next and Who Takes Over? Food & Oil Pressures – by Richard Komorowski – February 19, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Although Canadians are not yet following the Tunisian and Egyptian lead in bringing down the Harper or McGuinty governments, they would be wise to follow events in the Near East closely, for they will surely have an unpleasant impact here. In the late 1970s, popular uprisings led to the downfall of the […]

Egyptians Have won their Freedom: President Mubarak has Resigned by Markus Noé – February 11, 2011 14/18

Ottawa ON – After 18 days of unwavering resolve the protesters in Egypt have been rewarded today with President Mubarak’s resignation. . This comes one day after the President said he would not step down but rather transfer the majority of his power to his Vice President. For the hundreds of thousands who gathered in […]

Kirpans 0 – Quebec Society -1 – Assembly votes 113-0 to Support Ban of Kirpans – Cornwall Ontario – February 10, 2011

Cornwall ON – While you probably couldn’t get one of these onto an airplane as carry on luggage if you weren’t  a Sikh, the Kirpan has never been involved in a violent attack in Quebec. But politics are a strange game in Quebec.   Manic at times; facist at others; and deeply rooted in benign […]

Quebec’s P.M Refusal to Resign, Leaves One Man Hungry by Markus Noé – February 6, 2011 9/12

Ottawa  ON – Les Quebecois just like the Egyptians, are having a difficult time ousting their leader.  The long time Premiere of Quebec, Jean Charest is the most unpopular Premiere since Robert Bourassa. In the mid 70’s Bourassa was pushed out of politics by the Parti Québécois under similar circumstances.  Since his re-election on 2008 […]

President of Syria Endorses Protesters in Egypt, Or does He? by Markus Noé – January 31, 2011 6/8

Ottawa ON – For decades across the entire Arab world there has been a major class division when it comes to money and power distribution. The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt have officials in the entire Middle East concerned, as fear that this revolution might spread into their countries. Today the President of Syria, […]

Local Egyptians Show Support for their Country men in Ottawa by Markus Noé – January 28,2011 5/5

Ottawa ON – This afternoon in front of the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa, dozens gathered in support of the thousands involved with the uprising. For the previous thirty years, Hosny Mubarak has been the sole leader of Egypt despite several widely criticized elections.  Throughout Mubarak’s entire reign he has imposed a state of emergency in […]

The Wet Job of Murder, Water, Politics – special to The Cornwall Free News by Roy Berger – January 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Politics, security and murder have a long relationship. Rivers of intrigue fill the human story. Water is the stuff of life. This story is about water and health. Water War Crimes is a site run by John Carten.  He has gathered together a trove of information asserting that eighteen of Canada’s civil […]