NDP attack the budget – Tax Cuts Don’t Work

NDP attack the budget – Tax Cuts Don’t Work

LINK “Tax cuts are great if you still have your job, but if you’re one of the 400,000 people in manufacturing who have lost your job, tax cuts aren’t going to help very much.” Mulcair said Can’t argue with Thomas Mulcair on that one. Frankly I’m fed up of the Government burning through Canadian Taxpayer’s […]

Gold Prices Spike – + $1,000.00 per ounce!

LINK Scary times make people do scary things and it looks like right now a lot of people are parking their investment dollars in Gold. This rally is about hoarding. That is what makes it scary and it is the reason why it is likely to continue till more optimistic economic news drives investors to […]

Trump Entertainment files for Bankruptcy

Apprentice star Donald Trump quit his company which has filed for Bankruptcy Protection.    Click the photo to read the full story.  I don’t know.   It’s never a good thing when a company with your name attached to it sputters out. Trump, a very public and flamboyant figure in an industry filled with colorful, headstrong executives, […]

Your morning Financial news flash

Good morning everyone. The Loonie is at $1.2341 USD today.   Oil is trading at $45.57 per barrel and Gold is down at $937.40 per oz. In other financial news Europe’s Economy contracted the most in 13 years in the last quarter as GDP declined 1.5% with at least another 3 quarters of contraction predicted. It’s […]

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