Cornwall Ontario – I’ve always been obsessed with skin care because it’s so important for maintaining a radiant appearance. When done properly, skin care really makes a huge difference! Specifically, I’ve always been into anti-aging products and procedures. I’ve always used serums and creams aimed at age-prevention and, asContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Brand-Name Beauties Vs. Drugstore Delights Makeup can cost you a pretty penny, especially if you are buying from stores like Sephora or from websites that carry high-end makeup. But don’t be discouraged, radiant readers, because I’ve dedicated this whole column to sharing equally luscious equivalents to yourContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s amazing the games that politicians play with the lives of citizens.    After the Julie Bilotta case which has resulted in a $1.3 million dollar lawsuit on her behalf via Super Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon, yet another incident has occurred at the much maligned facility. Clearly notContinue Reading