CORNWALL Ontario – I emailed Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger who in spite of telling people that he will be running for Mayor again in the Fall has yet to file his papers as he’s busy selling out our Waterfront for Chemical tanks. It was a simple note I sentContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – One of the reasons I didn’t run for office last term is that CFN was still in its infancy and frankly the other media have been less than civil.   Note in question is that the two that covered my announcement yesterday both went yellow bringing upContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Humility can be a great lesson.   What we are learning today as Transport Canada and the Federal government allowed Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. to pour concrete and finish their Chemical tanks on our waterfront is that when you don’t work together you lose. In this caseContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The Chemical tanks on the former Kaneb Oil tank site issue is  heating up  again.   Some of the questions I get in conversation is what I would have done if I had been mayor or on council in regards to the tanks as much of theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I not a big fans of muzzles.    My legal counsel of course has me muzzled right now.    Today by now many of you have read the extremely zealous recounting in other media and the Police blotter regarding a charge laid against myself yesterday here inContinue Reading

CFN– One of the problems with politics is that you have to filter the message and sometimes legitimate criticism is muted because of the adversarial nature of the Partisan political system. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne just celebrated one year of office.   Ms Wynne clearly was the Liberal Party makingContinue Reading

It’s time! Happy Birthday to CFN!   We turned FIVE this morning.    It’s hard to believe and time sure has flown by fast! In five years we have published 7,639 pieces, moderated over 43,000 comments, loaded over 15,000 photos and have over 1500 videos in our library! To giveContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s been an odd week.   Cold meds, Cornwall, a ton of introspection and thoughts about life during my 49th year.   A day when every single insecurity and neurosis I have exploded. It also included being so very grateful for my friends and family.  My critters,Continue Reading

Jamie Gilcig

CFN – So what do you think the friendliest city in Canada is?   I will be taking a well deserved break and travelling across Canada this March. As some of you know I have this little project called “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” and I will be travellingContinue Reading

CFN – CFN today learned that the City of Cornwall & Mayor Bob Kilger made an offer to settle the lawsuit launched after the Mayor hit a panic button leading to 7 police officers removing the editor, Jamie Gilcig, from a council meeting because the mayor did not like theContinue Reading