Cornwall Ontario – Spring is normally a time that has a good real estate professional chomping at the bit.   Likewise professionals that earn their dosh from servicing the sales and renovations of property as well. It’s an extensive net. This Spring things are dead in Cornwall and we examine someContinue Reading

Tired of paying crazy ad rates?  Tired of paying for ads that aren’t seen?  With our traffic and story hang time this is the place you want to be and for a limited time and limited inventory(one slot on our home page and one on our inside pages)  you canContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – This morning I received a release from a major Home Store chain.   It was professionally written and normally I’d be intrigued. I emailed back explaining that we’d love to assist, but that we generally don’t do so for businesses that boycott us. That means if weContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You’ll be seeing some changes on CFN in 2017.  We have columnists starting from all across Canada.   We are spreading our wings as a media outlet.  Instead of a regional outlet we will be working our way to being more of a National platform. Thanks to ourContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Eight is a mystical number.  It’s also a version of the infinity sign if you turn it sideways. The Cornwall Free News turned eight this week, on the 9th.    I decided to not have any fanfare or major celebration as the last time I did so,Continue Reading

The Cornwall Free News had a very busy third quarter, especially in August when we broke two monthly site records! Thanks to all of our viewers as each click counts! Unique Visitors 276,035 Number of Visits 578,925 Human Page Views 3,720,090 Can you imagine if your organization, business, or serviceContinue Reading

Numbers Never Lie! Unique Visitors for 2015 698,049 Number of Visits for 2015 2,020,218 Human Viewed Pages for 2015 * 18,740,768 Google Analytics Total Page Views for 2015 3,081,331 Google Analytics Unique Page Views for 2015 1,150,965 Avg. Time on Site for 2015 Bounce Rate 34 seconds 3.17% Mobile UsersContinue Reading