Premier Doug Ford released the following statement today on the announcement of USMCA: “We want to make Ontario open for business. That’s why, from day one, we have offered our full support to our federal partner throughout the USMCA negotiation process to make sure a deal got done. We alsoContinue Reading

Toronto Ontario – Show of hands: how many of you expected the Ontario government to lose the constitutional challenge of its Bill 5, which aimed to reduce the size of Toronto’s city council? No one? Exactly. No one – no one who has been paying attention, at least – expected DougContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Shock and Awe as an Ontario Conservative government takes a page out of Quebec politics to chop up Toronto City Council. The only issue this writer has are the optics.  Surely there are other councils, like the one here in Cornwall which are not serving the publicContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The Doug Ford led PC government has just released their cabinet appointments.   Left out was Sd&SG MPP Jim McDonnell who didn’t support Ford in the leadership contest. The new ministers are as follows: Peter Bethlenfalvy – President of the Treasury Board Raymond Cho – Minister for SeniorsContinue Reading

RCMP warn Ontario residents of scammers spoofing RCMP’s telephone number (June 19, 2018 – Cornwall, ON) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Cornwall Detachment is issuing a public notice with respect to fraudulent telephone calls. The RCMP is warning the general public of fraudulent telephone calls which appear to be comingContinue Reading

Toronto Ontario- Only a few more weeks until the election and people are buzzing about the Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath, and Kathleen Wynne battle. Who will win? Everyone is wondering. I asked a few of my former SLC comrades to share who they think or want to win.   Jay isContinue Reading

December 19, 2017 Ontario Lowering Rates for Payday Loans and Other Services Ontario is protecting vulnerable consumers by reducing the cost of borrowing and other fees for alternative financial services such as payday loans.Beginning on January 1, 2018: The cap on the cost of borrowing for payday loans will be reducedContinue Reading

TORONTO ONTARIO – Both the NDP and PC Party are screaming about the strike by College Teacher’s across Ontario after the Province’s gambit to have Union members vote their latest proposal which failed. From a PC release today: “This is now the longest college strike in Ontario history.  Kathleen WynneContinue Reading

Canada’s high-priced beer, wine and spirits hard to swallow “Raise the Bar” report card calls on Ottawa and provinces to improve pricing, taxation and interprovincial trade   TORONTO, Nov. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — High prices, unfair taxation and outdated rules continue to frustrate Canada’s bar and restaurant owners. Those are theContinue Reading

Conrad Black: Quebec is now the beacon of astute economic policy in this country While Quebec becomes an economic leader, most of English Canada is waddling through the wet cement of applied social democratic truisms. Quebec is outpacing Canada economically, for the first time since the piping days of MauriceContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Black market Marijuana sellers are shaking their heads at the Province of Ontario’s plans for recreational retail sales of weed. Demand and ease of availability see prices as low as $50 per ounce for trimmings to only $100 per ounce for high quality BC bud. Yet theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Thanks to a NDP Freedom of Information request we now know that the Wynne Government spent $5.5 million dollars advertising their putrid sale of Hydro One.  A plan that also sees the government essentially financing the sale to unions and groups they want support from. A releaseContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In an announcement that will benefit everyone but the actual users of Marijuana, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne basically said. It’s all mine! The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis in Ontario through new stand-alone cannabis stores and an online order service. This approach will ensureContinue Reading