JANUARY 27, 2021 – SD&G area Paralegal James Moak of Cornwallparalegal.com has been nominated for the inaugural Paralegal award by the Carleton County Law Association. (CCLA) Mr. Moak has been very busy, even through this pandemic, as his Kingston and Ottawa offices have been expanding. He also spearheaded what isContinue Reading

Cornwall & Kingston area veteran Paralegal James Moak has championed and fought for the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board to no longer accept unlicensed representatives to appear before tribunals in contradiction to the  Law Society  Act. In a case heard in March of 2019 it was determined: “The applicant isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Mike Bonito of Ottawa, and PearTree Group Property Management of Ottawa, face multiple counts of providing legal services in Ontario thus practising law without a licence; contrary to the Law Society Act. The Law Society of Ontario, (LSUC)  through the Law Society Act, governs who may provideContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The areas foremost landlord & tenant specialist commented on the new standard lease that’s in effect in Ontario as of April 30, 2018. Cornwall & Kingston Paralegal James Moak commented on the new Provincial lease to CFN: [bs-quote quote=”Firstly all landlords must comply with the new mandatoryContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – For Cornwall, Kingston, and now Ottawa Paralegal James Moak it’s been an interesting fight to see unauthorized practice by unlicensed people appearing before the Landlord & Tenant board of Ontario and other courts. He was recently featured in the LAW TIMES twice (HERE & HERE)  The weeklyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In what seems to be a cross country spree of alleged scams and frauds; involving landlords, telecom companies, digital tv boxes, and even stiffing a poor home cleaner, David Rosenstein, AKA David Rose, AKA Daniel Rosse, and who knows how many other aliases has appeared to leaveContinue Reading

Firstly I wish to express my condolences to Mr Cadieux and his family. Having read the various articles regarding the sentencing of the driver I am compelled to make the following comments. 1. I am not commenting on the sentence that was handed out. I do not know if thisContinue Reading

CFN – Paul J. Fudge, the founder and long standing owner operator of Paul J. Fudge Bailiff and Landlord Agent business in Kingston today announced that the “landlord agent” operations of his business has been sold to James Moak Professional Corporation.   “As many know, I have been considering semi-retirementContinue Reading