Oddly enough today the City of Cornwall issued a press release.  Kevin Lajoie, Public Information Officer, once again neglected to include CFN in the release and I only found out about it after a reporter contacted me for comment. What our new CAO calls a distraction was a clear violationContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s not easy at the top.    Cornwall Community Police Chief granted an interview to the lowly Todd Lihou at the Seaway News. Todd gets lots of police news; perhaps because one of his confreres son works for the CCPS; perhaps because Todd himself tried to beContinue Reading

CFN –   Harper MP Guy Lauzon singled out a group of Cornwall Police that he stated were responsible for donating to the mystery man who sold his wedding ring, after 54 years of marriage, to allegedly pay for food for he and his wife who the story states isContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The Canadian Association of Journalists and Sun Media’s Standard Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodgrigues burned a source live on Twitter this morning. Incensed over his interpretation of a CFN story Mr. Rodrigues went on the war path on social media calling out this writer and calling moi aContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  I was asked what was the hardest part of this last year?  Was it the police charges?  Was it that after Bell provided a production order that categorically stated that I never made the calls (nearly six months ago!)  that the police and crown put forth inContinue Reading

It’s very rare that I appeal to the community and there are some that will suggest that this appeal is strictly for myself; maybe for selfish reasons, but it’s certainly not meant to be treated. On February 7th my life changed.  I had gone to court to try and collectContinue Reading