Ottawa Ontario – Keeping a government off-guard and on the defensive is one of the primary functions of an opposition party’s attack team. We usually see this take place in the daily Question Period. The questions that need to be asked can most often be boiled down to three simpleContinue Reading

There has been lots of controversy and quite a few accusations thrown around about various individuals moving expenses. This is politics and mud throwing and making your opponent look bad is definitely the name of the game. Liberal rhetoric in the last campaign- “open and accountable”, a new way ofContinue Reading

  Over the past three years from 2013 to 2016 marijuana prescriptions given to veterans has increased from slightly over a hundred to over a thousand. Clayton Goodwin gave a speech from the steps of Parliament Hill on April 20th on behalf of Canadian Veterans this 2016 to an escalatingContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario –   The 4/20 marijuana rally on Parliament Hill attracted over nine thousand participants. Yappers, a prominent Toronto band played original music during the warm sunny afternoon. A variety of speakers made comments from the steps of the Centre Block building. Shortly after 4:20 PM, Tom Mulcair, member ofContinue Reading

With it being Easter weekend, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter especially all of those hard-working MPs and ministers and of course the Prime Minister too. Then again “hard-working” might not be an accurate description of our elected representatives. We are two thirds of the way through thisContinue Reading

One of the strongest positions that assisted Justin Trudeau in his majority victory was the Liberal party’s position to legalize Marijuana. Trudeau failed to defend Marc Emery’s extradition to the US that was more about industrial competition and advantage more than any other factor.  Allowing a Canadian citizen to beContinue Reading