Cornwall Ontario –  The problem with people being parachuted into communities to be journalists is that sometimes, some of them, bring an outside perspective and don’t really look at the local big picture.   And sometimes they may listen to the wrong people. Or sometimes, they just poot any silly thoughtContinue Reading

Wow!   Perusing the last few issues of TC Media’s Seaway News it was kinda funny watching Todd & Mac try and tag team. Mr. Lihou must be cranky of late.  He’s taken shots at moi and Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues recently.   Of course looking at the page countContinue Reading

Hugo Rodrigues Editor of the Standard Freeholder Yes Mr.Rodrigues, “Vive la Francophone” in Cornwall and area, but as well to all of those many other cultures. Sir let me tell you the distaste I received upon this reading this article and many others feel the same way as I. Firstly, I can appreciateContinue Reading

CFN – Tammy Hart and her very odd council in South Stormont appear to be in retreat after humiliating the township, again. In an act of truly boggling weirdness she and her council initiated discussion in limiting or eliminating cameras in open council meetings. Ms Hart and friends have anContinue Reading