Montreal lost to the Penguins 5-4 in regulation time tonight.    A flat first period and Carey Price’s spending way too much time on his knees did them in despite some strong performances. The Habs were out shot 8-3 in the first period and didn’t quite seem motivated.  The two gamesContinue Reading

Just received this release –  Click the photo to link to the site. Join us at Eco Farm Day – eastern Ontario’s premier farm & garden conference. Organic, transitional and conventional farmers of field crops, market gardens, and livestock rely on Eco Farm Day for the best training, information, and commerceContinue Reading

httpv:// Enjoy; his ten best NHL goals on video.  He certainly is a talented dog. Please visit our sponsors:Continue Reading

We are going to offer free vintage tv shows for you to watch. Today’s episode is The Lucy Show with guest star Ernie Ford. httpv:// Please visit our sponsors:Continue Reading

It seems as though every industry wants a bailout.   I want one too, but sadly there is no applicable category I could apply for one if I chose to. The most successful bail out that comes to my mind was the one of Chrysler in the 80’s.   Lee IaococcaContinue Reading

Matthew Schneider notched his first assist and was on the ice over 20 minutes as the Habs lost to Washington 4-3 in the shootout.    It was a good first game and Andrei Markov responded with a 3 assist night as well. In other NHL scores: St. Louis 4-3 over Columbus;Continue Reading

LINK Transcontinental Inc. , owner locally of The Seaway Valley News and many other news papers and magazines has laid off thousands of employees as revenues fall during the recession. Impact in Canada is in the hundreds as most of the cuts will come in the US. Please visit ourContinue Reading

Click the photo for the LINK. TSN Video clip140772#clip140772 Bob Gainey had a discussion with Kovalev, and he’s decided it would be best for the struggling winger to sit out the next two games and think about how he can get his game back up to a respectable level. HeContinue Reading

Apprentice star Donald Trump quit his company which has filed for Bankruptcy Protection.    Click the photo to read the full story.  I don’t know.   It’s never a good thing when a company with your name attached to it sputters out. Trump, a very public and flamboyant figure in an industryContinue Reading

So if Oil is trading at less than $35 per barrel why are we paying over .70 cents per litre?   What’s up with our local Cornwall gas stations?  Is it time to start some community boycotting?   Haven’t the oil industry wreaked enough mayhem on our economy from last year’s shenanigans?Continue Reading