FLU BASICS An adult can begin spreading the flu virus one day before and three to seven days after symptoms show, and children can remain contagious even longer. Some infected individuals show no symptoms, yet they can still spread the virus to others. The flu is sometimes confused with theContinue Reading

2 Killed in Long Sault Crash Sunday Morning Car Crashes into Pole Saturnday Morning Riverside Biz to be LEGALLY open for Holidays Long Hot Summer predicted for Cornwall How much will Cornwall Pay to help Andre Lapointe Sell Brookshell Site? 86400 WEBSITEContinue Reading

Why are people so opposed to Wind Farms? Area Companies fight for young workers RCMP Officer nailed for DUI in Cornwall Teleperformance hit with Bomb Scare New Smaller Buses for Cornwall East End gets painted as Drug Crime Den Mexico just not the place to visit this year please visitContinue Reading

Parisian Style Bistro: What’s the Fuss About?   Chef Shawn Kretz turns in his latest column typing with only one hand! What makes a Parisian style French Bistro different than a Bistro in Lyons, Strasbourg, or Dijon? Well, for the most part a Parisian Bistro will draw the best from allContinue Reading

Wow, a lot going on locally. Red Cross Employees Picket Montreal Road Shane Haley Murder Case Update Arena Site starts Clean Up Cornwall Pyramid Targeted Leon’s Prez Makes Speech in Cornwall Councilor Mark MacDonald isn’t Happy about Rink Process please visit our sponsors:Continue Reading

Hummer Seized and Ottawa and Toronto Resident Arrested for Possession of Contraband Tobacco CORNWALL, ON, April 16 /CNW/ – A 19 year old female driver from Ottawa, Ontario and a 24 year old male passenger from Toronto, Ontario face charges for possession of a tobacco product not properly stamped underContinue Reading

L I N K On May 6, The Christian Labour Association of Canada is inviting electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and sheet metal workers to the Ramada Inn to learn about the hospital project and other potential projects in eastern Ontario. A spokesperson for CLAC said the job fair will give localContinue Reading