Silani Mozzerella Cheese Recall in ONTARIO & QUEBEC (340g) Cornwall Ontario – April 5, 2010

CONSUMER ALERT – PRODUCT RECALL Silani Sweet Cheese has voluntarily recalled Silani brand mozzarella Cheese Product sold in 340 g packages bearing the UPC 0 650525 7 and with a Best Before date of 2011 MR 1 This product was sold only in Ontario and Quebec. All retailers have been notified. Please do not consume this product […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner: Are Biodegradable and Compostable good choices? – Summerstown Ontario – April 5, 2010

Are Biodegradable and Compostable good choices? Three different plastic bags came across my desk in the past week.  One was the plastic packaging on daffodils from the Canadian Cancer Society, labeled 100% degradable, one was a plain plastic bag labeled oxo-biodegradable from a natural soap artisan in Quebec and the last was the 4 litres […]

Olympic Silver & Bronze Medalist Kristina Groves at Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill Ontario – April 3, 2010

(video courtesy of KAV Productions) Vankleek Hill ON –  As promised here’s the video of Canadian Women’s Speed Skater and Silver and Bronze Medal Winner Kristina Groves at Beau’s Brew Charity Celebration at their Brewery in Vankleek Hill Ontario! httpv:// Local Media Works! Support your local businesses; Buy Local, Spend Local, Advertise Local! please visit […]

Mr. “A” Doesn’t think is a radio station – We try and rebut his point. Cornwall Ontario – April 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – A certain Mr. “A” was heard complaining about our RADIO STATION, recently.   We just wished to let Mr. A know that we are 100% licensed by Socan as an online radio station in full compliance with Canadian law. As for our content not being live 24 hours a day it’s […]

MP Shelly Glover to possibly Replace embattled MP Helena Guergis?? – Cornwall Ontario – April 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – So could this be the replacement for embattled Minister Helena Guergis?    Viewers meet MP Shelly Glover.   Stories are hitting Canadian media this weekend floating her as replacement for Helena Guergis. MP Glover has an interesting and compelling biography and is not your usual MP. Until her election, Mrs. Glover served […]

Canadian Silver & Bronze Speed Skater Kristina Groves helps Beaus Brew Celebrate Fund Raising Targets! Graham Greer Rocks the House – Vankleek Hill Ontario – April 3, 2010

Vankleek Hill ON – Wow.  On a night like last night I love my job!    We had the opportunity to be invited to the Beau’s Brewery 1st Celebration of their Community & Charity Fundraising. Besides making this amazing Organic beer with no Corn Syrup or other weird additives, Beau’s is extremely active in the […]

Sgt. Michael Harvey: RCMP Illegal Cigarette Arrests March 26-31, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – As a result of surveillance operations conducted from March 26th to March 31st, 2010 targeting illegal contraband tobacco smuggling,  the RCMP, in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police, Ontario Ministry of Revenue and assisted by the Cornwall Community Police Service and Canada Border Services Agency carried out several operations in the South Glengarry and Cornwall […]

Do you Give a Dam? Canadian Actress Anna Paquin admits her bi-sexuality in new Ad for The True Colors Foundation – Cornwall Ontario – April 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – Do you give a damn?   Is the name of a new awareness campaign for gender equality started by the True Colors foundation, which was started by Cyndi Lauper, has been so popular the informational site has crashed! Canadian actress Anna Paquin has come out as bi-sexual in the promotional video […]

Medicare Under Attack – Federal Politicians ducking as Quebec Wants $25 per Visit fee – Cornwall Ontario – April 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – Medicare is under attack, but do most Canadians know it?   With the next Federal Election getting closer it seems that political parties are jockeying for position including dealing with outbursts from provincial governments. The latest outburst is coming from the Charest Government in Quebec.     LINK The just-unveiled Quebec plan […]

Residents of Akwesasne get their Own Customs Lane Back as of April 6,2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Border crossing in Cornwall as of April 6th will have a lane available to residents of Akwesasne to expedite traffic loads. Effective April 6, 2010, the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) interim port of entry in the City of Cornwall will have a dedicated lane for domestic travellers arriving from Cornwall […]

So I’ve Decided to Join the Conservative Party of Canada and Give my full Support to our MP Guy Lauzon – APRIL 1 – 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – After many long minutes of hard thought and consideration; not too mention a few Gin & Tonics, and listening to some CBC overnight radio; and with the support of my family and friends I’ve decided to go blue. I’ve weighed. I’ve considered. I’ve closed my eyes and clicked my heels together and […]

Guergis Aide Caught Posting Under Pseudonym Defending MP – UPDATE- Internet Anonymity Exposed – Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – Net Anonymity.  It’s a hot topic in many circles.  You know that smell on some beaches, that fishy smell of life changing to the stuff of food?   That’s the Eau to Helena Guergis at the moment after the embattled and diva tantrum throwing  MP has seen her Assistant outed for writing […]

Caf+ Technologies vs Local Merchants – Listen LIVE Wednesday March 31 from 1PM on – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – We’ll be discussing the issues regarding local merchants who are upset with Cat+ Technologies; a local Social Enterprise, that’s a non-profit which is competing for customers that they depend on. We’ll have some company reps on from both sides.   Email in your questions to and to liste to the show […]