Corus Radio Station Muzzles Ontario Revenue Minister John Wilkinson on Tour to Inform Public about HST – Cornwall Ontario -April 27, 2010

Cornwall ON – A little while ago we reported that while on tour of Eastern Ontario MPP and Revenue Minister John Wilkinson was interviewed by Assistant News Director of AM 1220 Bill Kingston, in Cornwall, and that the interview was not aired.   We did some research and sent out queries to Mr. Kingston and […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Another poll: the sky isn’t falling just yet – Ottawa Ontario – April 27, 2010

Ottawa ON – And another new poll this time from Harris Decima. This will give folks inside the Queensway an opportunity to breathlessly carve up and analyze the numbers. To what end? New polling numbers certainly fill a lot of space and everyone, including myself, gets a chance to pontificate and speculate on what this […]

Mother’s Day Brunch at Katerina’s Restaurant & Catering – May 9, 2010 – 1195 2nd Street West – Cornwall Ontario 613.932.9324

Cornwall ON – Katerina’s Restaurant & Catering (1195 2nd Street West in Cornwall Ontario) has a Mother’s Day Brunch for the whole family!   Breafast, Greek Specialties, Fish, Meats, Salads, and Desserts. Reservations are recommended and please tell them you read about it on The Cornwall Free News.  You can reach Katerina’s at 613.932.9324. Sunday […]

$20,000 Closer! LONGEVITY ACRYLICS of Summerstown Ontario MAKES A SPLASH – 3 + 1 Project 2010 Arena – April 26, 2010

LONGEVITY ACRYLICS MAKES A SPLASH Cornwall ON – Longevity Acrylics is soaking up the idea of Cornwall’s new multi-purpose sports facility by sponsoring a dressing room. “We’re a family oriented business,” said Stewart Campbell, President of Longevity Acrylics.  “Investing in our future is an important way to encourage growth in our area and promoting sports […]

Cornwall Ontario City Council for Monday April 26, 2010 – Chasing Wild Geese – Another Waterfront Development Committee, and deciding what Elected Officials can put on their Expense Claims

Cornwall ON – There were some tense moments at Cornwall Ontario City Council this Monday evening.   Some of the hot topics at play were a Wage Freeze for City Council; The Waterfront Land Development Committee being formed; and policy for what Elected officials could put on their expense account. There was also an interesting […]

Tri-County Literacy Council Teams Up with Area Industry and Community Future Development Corporation to Offer Call Centre Training – Cornwall Ontario – April 26, 2010

Tri-County Literacy Council Announces New Partnerships Cornwall ON – Beautyrock Inc, a local call center first joined in 2008 with Tri-County Literacy Council and the Community Future Development Corporation to offer call center training.  The program of instruction was geared toward teaching the Essential Skills required to work in a call center setting.  These skills […]

Pharmacists Mar Earth Day Celebrations for Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews and Premier Dalton McGuinty – April 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – Earth Day Festivities were marred in London Ontario when protesting Pharmacists and supporters marred an appearance by Health Minister Deb Matthews and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. LINK The Liberal government has banned about $750 million in annual fees paid to pharmacies by generic drug companies to stock their products, saying Ontario has much higher […]

Parliament Needs to Earn the Respect of Canadian Voters – View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – April 26, 2010

Ottawa ON – The government has given notice that it will introduce legislation that allows for an extra two advanced polling days during an election. Obviously they hope that more of us will vote. Giving Canadians two extra days to vote is all well and good, but that assumes Canadians actually want to vote. Unfortunately, […]

View From the Hill – The Cornwall Free News is proud to welcome our new Columnist Keith Beardsley – Cornwall Ontario – April 25, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Cornwall Free News & are proud to announce a new Political Column written by Mr. Keith Beardsley. Welcome to “View from the Hill”. In the days ahead, this column will look at what is happening in Ottawa and discuss why everyday Canadians should be paying attention to what our elected […]

Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark MacDonald states that “No Akwesasne, No Deal” on Cornwall Waterfront Property Development – April 25, 2010

Cornwall ON – It should be an interesting round at City Council Monday night.    Councilor Mark MacDonald is curious why there were any negotiations with Akwesasne about the Cornwall Waterfront while the Akwesasne Liason Committee of the city has never had a single meeting?   A committee he supposedly sits on. The waterfront is […]

Crescent Moon Lane with your host Paul Aubin – Sneak Peek April 24, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Tonight we’re sneak peeking Crescent Moon Lane to you our valued listeners of and The Cornwall Free News.  Show time is approximately 8:30PM EST with Crescent Moon Lane starting at 8:45 PM. We also will be starting our Local Music Show shortly.  Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to send your feedback […]

“This is Question Period, not Answer Period.” Keith Beardsley on the Tipping Point of Parliament – Ottawa Ontario – April 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – Keith Beardsley has written a new piece on the deterioration of Parliament and how it behaves and the impact on our political system and perception created with the Canadian public.  It’s some interesting and well thought out reading. I’ve talked a lot with people lately about the apathy in Canadian politics and it’s this […]

Halak Saves 37 of 38 as Montreal Lives to Play Again – Win 2-1 to keep series alive – Cornwall Ontario – April 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Montreal Canadiens showed some pluck, but mostly Jaroslav Halak showed why he’s the number one goalie for the Habs as he kept them in the game and kicked out 37 of 38 shots on goal. It was a tight hard fought match.  Travis Moen was the hero for Montreal scoring the […]

We are officially supporting a Boycott of Bell Internet Services Here in Canada – Cornwall Ontario – April 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Every once and awhile a company sinks to a new low.    Bell Internet seems to make a habit of this.   It’s not the product overall although there are criticisms of it; it’s their customer support and complete lack of responsiblity. Legally we can’t share all of the details as to […]

Where there’s Smoke there’s Jaffer… and the little woman. Do you believe the Harper Government didn’t know which end was up? Cornwall Ontario – April 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Hmm….geez I hate writing pieces like this.  It’s just not Canadian.  I mean stating the obvious is so freakin’ easy. Most likely a corrupt coke snortin’ lazy azzed politician’s career goes down the crapper.   Abandoned by his own party he tries to lean on his wife’s good office and former connections […]

So which Cell Phone Company do you prefer in Canada? The Cornwall Free News will be reviewing what’s out there. Vote in our Poll – April 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Cornwall Free News will be doing a report on the Cell Phone Industry.   Who offers the best deals, best phones, plusses, minuses, customer service, good stories, horror stories. We want to know Canada.  Who offers the best cell phone experience. Please take our poll. Right now I have a contract […]

Archie Comics Unveils its first Openly Gay Character – Veronica rejected by Kevin Keller – Cornwall Ontario – April 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Well if Coronation Street can have gay characters why not Archie Comics?  The iconic comic book empire is about to unveil it’s first openly gay character as opposed to Dilton Doily who I always had suspicions of…. LINK VERONICA #202 features the full-issue story, “Isn’t it Bromantic?” that introduces Kevin, Archie Comics’ […]