Is Stephen Harper really afraid of “Liberal Propaganda”? Conservative government gets smacked by Layton & Brison over Billion Dollar G8 G20 Security Embarrassment – Cornwall Ontario – June 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Mr. Harper wasn’t in Question Period leaving John Baird, his little pit bull, to match wits with Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and the rest of Parliament. LINK And Nova Scotia Liberal MP Scott Brison listed off what else $1-billion would buy: “…500 MRI machines or 340,000 hip or knee surgeries. It would […]

Jack Layton as the next Prime Minister of Canada? Why the Harper Government Ups the Ante VS the Liberals – Cornwall Ontario – May 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – Boy Mr. Harper loves a good fight and he’s a scrapper like Mr. Chretien there, on the left, only he’s not as smart as the man from Shawinigan.  I’d love to play poker with the man one night. For months now Mr. Harper’s team have been pushing Mr. Layton and the NDP. […]

Jack Layton Shines Spot Light on Michael Ignatieff Over Conservative Budget – Cornwall Ontario – May 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Jack Layton ripped into Michael Ignatieff clearly showing strong leadership in trying to force changes to the upcoming Conservative budget. LINK “The opposition has the opportunity to do some tough bargaining with Mr. Harper right now,” Mr. Layton told The Canadian Press. “But for that to happen, Mr. Ignatieff has got to […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Liberal Leader Blowing in the Wind – Cornwall Ontario – May 27, 2010

Cornwall ON – Ignatieff shifts like sand blowing in the wind when it comes to the Auditor General auditing MPs books. While publicly stating that the Board of Internal economy should meet with Sheila Fraser to resolve the audit issue, we learn that internally, Iggy is asking his MPs not to be transparent and to […] LIVE from 1:30PM from Cornwall Ontario – Accountability for Politicians

Cornwall ON – We’re talking Accoutability this afternoon on – We expect some surprise guests and of course you can dial in and have your word! Community radio live from Cornwall Ontario!   Our phone numbers are :1 (646) 595-4982, 1 (877) 217-3932 and of course you can always reach your All Request Radio […]

Parliament becoming OK Corral – Another show down looms – View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – May 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – The recent announcement by Jay Hill, the Government House Leader, that ministerial staffers will no longer appear before committees, opens up a Pandora’s Box of potential issues. The first issue of course is who is supreme? Is it Parliament as represented by its MPs on committees or is it the Prime Minister’s […]

So My Dear Viewers of The Cornwall Free News I have a Political Confession to Make – Cornwall Ontario – May 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – So it looks like I’ll be shooting a documentary here in the area over the next year.   It’s going to be a political odyssey.    I’ve been asked to run for office, and the official announcement should be coming out in June with specific details. I’ve done a lot of thinking and […]

When the Bloc is acting with the MOST concern for Canadians you know…. VIEW FROM THE HILL by Keith Beardsley – May 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – While MPs of all parties continue to stonewall the public on the Auditor General’s request to audit Parliament, pressure continues to mount on them. Most MPs still don’t get it. This is one issue the public can understand and no amount of spin from our MPs or their spokespersons will work. Canadians […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley THE CRACKS ARE STARTING TO SHOW MP’s dealing with Auditor General Over Expenses – May 19, 2010

The cracks are starting to show. Cornwall ON – MPs from all parties are really feeling the heat from voters over the refusal of the Board of Internal Economy to open MPs books to an audit by Sheila Fraser. Cracks are starting to appear in the ranks of our MPs, as some are now suggesting […]

Greens & Bloc Support Auditor General’s Call for Transparency of MP Spending – Cornwall Ontario – May 18, 2010

Cornwall ON –  All three major Federal parties are refusing the Auditor General’s request to audit the expense accounts of MP’s.  A total of almost half a BILLION Dollars.  The only Federalist Party supporting this issue is the Green Party under leader Elizabeth May and the Bloc Quebecois under Gilles Duceppe. The Green Party of […]

June 28th – Pension Time for MP’s – View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – May 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – One interesting but over-looked side story in the present impasse over the Afghan documents is that magical date of June 28th. The importance of this date was flagged in a story by CanWest on September 13, 2009. This is the date that some 74 MPs will qualify for their pension as they […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Helena Guergis: Stand By Your Man – May 11, 2010 Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON- It was good theatre. I am referring of course to the Helena Guergis interview on TV. The script played out exactly as one would have expected with a calm, at times teary eyed Guergis defending herself, her reputation and her husband. The only thing missing was “Stand by your Man” playing in the […]

Helena Guergis Interviewed by CBC’s Peter Mansbridge – “I’m hurt by the Prime Minister” – Is Stephen Harper a Sexist? May 10, 2010

Cornwall ON- How sexist is the Harper Government?  I was watching Question Period on television on Sunday and the show had three MP’s on talking about funding cuts to women’s groups across Canada, and to minority interest groups including the Toronto Pride celebrations and that got me thinking to the Helena Guergis crisis. Yes Ms […]

Canadian Activist Marc Emery to be Extradited to the US after Minister Rob Nicholson Signs Extradition Order – MAY 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Prince of Pot, political activist Marc Emery has surrendered to police and the Rob Nicholson, the minister responsible has signed the extradition order.   Mr. Emery is expected to be transported to the US within the week. In a gross injustice and threat to Canadian Sovereignty the Harper government is showing its […]

Are Canadian Federal Election Drums a Beating? Is it Showtime? What do you think Canada? Cornwall Ontario – May 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – So how close are we to a Federal Election call?   We had our own Ottawa pundit & View From the Hill columnist, Keith Beardsley, on Thursday May 6th and he suggested a call as early as this week.    Surely Prime Minister Harper won’t call an election unless he feels […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Question Period Reform Part 3: Civility Required – May 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – As mentioned previously MP Michael Chong has taken on the daunting task of trying to reform Question Period. One proposal which will be very controversial is the suggestion that the Prime Minister only show up one day a week, on Wednesday. The catch is that he would answer all questions for the […]

Question Period Reform Part 2: Just Answer the Question by Keith Beardsley – View From the Hill – May 6, 2010

Question Period Reform Part 2: Just Answer the Question Cornwall ON – Michael Chong’s Motion 517 to reform Question Period will be debated later this month. While it only directs the Procedures and House Affairs committee to study his proposals, they offer a glimmer of hope that perhaps Question Period can still be saved. Question Period […]

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