Cornwall Ontario – I kinda giggled when I found out that there was a Canadian Francophone organisation locally.   Not because I disrespect Francophones, but this area has people like that silly man with his pins and of course Dianne Poirier, retired school teacher,  who besides being President of this localContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  All governments cannot be all things to all people.  Amanda Simard, a new MPP in Glengarry Prescott Russell who has some experience as a municipal councilor and was a Senate  page clearly either doesn’t understand politics or is playing amateur hissyfit politics. She is the first ConservativeContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  While many Francophones are upset at Ontario Premier Doug Ford over the plan not to move forward with a Toronto based French University and other changes to how the province handles some French services, one prominent name is missing;  Francophone Cornwall Mayor and Lawyer Bernadette Clement. WasContinue Reading

Ontario Invests in Province’s First Continuing Professional Development Centre for Francophone Legal Professionals Ontario, in partnership with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, is improving access to justice in French by establishing the province’s first continuing professional development centre for Francophone legal professionals. The pratiquO pilot project will helpContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Several former board members of  Centre Cultural de Cornwall stepped forward with a multitude of allegations and complaints about the francophone institution this week. Some of the allegations include: The organization is in deep debt; owning over $30K to the government as well as Suzanne Villeneuve, listedContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – It’s odd that as teachers salaries keep going up students results in the area keep going down? In this years results we see that Francophone Catholic public schools locally are getting better results according to this year’s Fraser Institute rankings of schools in Ontario. Only a frighteningContinue Reading

The buzz is that the Centre Culturel, which currently sits in a building owned by City Councilor Brock Frost will be moving into the Cornwall General Hospital where it will open a French Art Gallery and Library. The group is taking over a large 1000 square foot space as wellContinue Reading