CFN – Leeds Grenville MPP Steve Clark and SD&G MPP Jim McDonell were listening and work shopping ahead of the Ontario budget at the Best Western in Cornwall Ontario last week. Some of their focus were on health and social services.   The loss of jobs and Liberal spending habitsContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Nurse Christopher Cameron if anything is a very determined person.   He has been protesting in front of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit which allegedly only hires bilingual staff in spite of Ontario not being a bilingual province and the vast majority of the city being English speakers.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – According to  Liberal John Earle has fallen behind the NDP into third place.   The website run by Eric Grenier uses formulas that combine popular poll results. It shows that not only is current MPP Jim McDonell a shoe in to return to his seat; butContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Glengarry Prescott Russell looks like it’s in play in the early days of the 2014 Ontario Provincial election according to a snapshot taken on Canada’s premier political blog, Éric Grenier’s The snap shot shows the PC’s narrowly defeating Glengarry Prescott Russell  incumbent Liberal Grant Crack.  In StormontContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Nearby Prescott Russell MPP Grant Crack rode shotgun with a few ministers of the Wynne Government as they brought a few bags of money to Cornwall to help with our failing infrastructure and flooding issues. In particular  the reconstruction of sewers on Eleventh, Grand and Miron, and redirectionContinue Reading

CFN –  Mixed communications coming in regarding some bed closures at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital. PC MPP Jim McDonell sent out the following press release: Winchester District Memorial Hospital announced the permanent closure of 14 beds earlier today, which equates to more than 22% of their total capacity. MPPContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – James Borer was re-elected President of the Local Provincial Riding Association.   Mr. Borer’s trajectory in politics started with his own family issue that was assisted by MPP at the time, former Liberal Jim Brownell who quit before the next election. Mr. Brownell is aboard as aContinue Reading

Well Cornwall and the area it’s time!   Sunday October 27, 2013 we are having our first Town Hall meeting.   The event is free and open to the the public and takes place at the Air Force Wing at 240 Water Street in Cornwall Ontario; one of the nicestContinue Reading

CFN – Jim McDonell, Progressive Conservative MPP for SD&SG must be starting to feel like a campaign is coming up as he’s becoming more outspoken on several issues. Last week he issued a release on Youth Employment or lack thereof in Ontario and I sat down with him for aContinue Reading

CFN is proud to announce our first group of performers and speaker for the upcoming Town Hall meeting!  @ the Air Force Wing on 240 Water Street Sunday October 27th from 1-4 PM!   Sean Harley of the Trench Town Oddities will sample up a few tracks! as will singerContinue Reading