July 31, 2021 – With Covid-19 impacting the globe it’s no surprise that it would impact the hockey world. Choosing all the way down at 31st the Habs either could trade up; dump the pick, or go all in and draft Logan Mailloux who normally would not be available atContinue Reading

As all NHL fans will know by now, the league is in lockdown. In fact, sport across Ontario and Canada remain the same. Therefore, in unprecedented times, new measures have opened up to support players, staff, fans, and more alike. The past few weeks – and months – have beenContinue Reading

Right now Hab fans have to be wondering about owner Geoff Molson? Either he’s calling the shots and Bergy is a puppet, or he’s simply letting a really really really bad GM ruin a legendary franchise. No playoffs and bad blood equal less cash. It makes no sense for thisContinue Reading