Dear Sir: Mayor Bob Kilger and his merry band of councillors have given the city taxpayers an early Christmas gift, more taxes for the future! The mayor has decided to try and extend the life of the city garbage dump by twenty years but, seemingly, the council as a whole does not haveContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Like a good neighbor State Farm Insurance was at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School in Cornwall Ontario to present The Falcons with a cheque for $17,500!! The School was victorious in a competition that took place right across North America beating out a 2nd place school forContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Though the “Emergency Scam” (or sometimes referred to as the “Grandparent Scam”) has been around for years, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) warns the public to be on alert after noting a marked increase in the number of complaints in the last two months. In the typicalContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – One of my favorite spots for lunch in Downtown Cornwall Ontario, Moustache Joe’s, just changed their lunch menu.    The old faves are still there, but now they’ve added dishes like Italian Mac and Cheese with Gorgonzola and Prosciutto! Of course Moustache Joe’s is more than justContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – It’s very poignant that The Port Theatre is playing The Fighter this Christmas season.     If you’re going to see one movie during the holidays and you really love the magic that makes movies movies don’t cheat yourself. This isn’t Rocky.  This movie is going toContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – During the past month two City operations have received certifications following operational reviews. The Glen Stor Dun Lodge received its full compliance from Accreditation Canada while Emergency Medical Services received its Emergency Health Services Certification. Accreditation of Glen Stor Dun Lodge is a thorough, staged process thatContinue Reading

Toronto ON  – After 72 days on the road covering nearly 4,000 kilometres and seeing a grand total of 7,505 vehicles in 14 cities across the province, the Ontario Electronic Stewardship’s mobile electronics recycling centre has concluded its fall tour with resounding success. On Oct. 2, 2010 The Ontario ElectronicContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Pommier Jewellers, 6 Second Street East in Downtown Cornwall Ontario is your place to shop for that special gift this Christmas and Holiday season!    Get away from those crazy jammed malls and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience tended by their expert staff! New stock is stillContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Well via Australia where Cornwall’s favorite band The General Electryk are wintering, or is that summering. Here is the first intstallement of our music documentary, we’ll be posting videos bi-weekly while we’re away. Things are going great here, we’ve played a gig on the Gold Coast and have a coupleContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Cornwall Transit Operations and Maintenance employees will be honoured during a breakfast ceremony on  Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 5:30 am to 9:00 am at the Cornwall Transit building at 863 Second Street West. Len Tapp, Division Manager of Cornwall Transit along with Mayor Bob Kilger, CAOContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – I would like to take this time to commend Cornwall Fire Services and the many firefighters that were called to fight the fire at Truffles Burger Bar early Sunday morning. . Although it was devastating to learn of the loss of this new restaurant in Downtown Cornwall,Continue Reading

Cornwall ON- Cornwall Ontario, like many cities, invites citizens to sit on committees.     There was a letter to the editor in the Standard Free Holder talking about comments from a city councilor. LINK “”not your same old guys with your tired ideas”” There have been comments emanating fromContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Owners Dominique Gilgen and Ahmad Mansori, are proud to announce that the new home for Truffles Burger Bar will be 155 Pitt Street, located beside the Bank of Montreal.  Although devastated by their loss, they acknowledge the need to get their business back up and running.  NotContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Congrats to Ms Alyssa Blais on getting the exec gig at The Agape Centre in Cornwall Ontario.   Ms Blais leaves the Cornwall Business Entreprise Centre to take over for Judy Dancause. Ms Blais just celebrated a banner year for the provincially funded Summer Company program thatContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – Truffles Burger Bar, the restaurant at the Corner of Pitt and Second that had become a favorite eating spot to so many in such a short time will be re-opening in another location in the future. I had the opportunity to speak with co-0wner Dominque Gilgen today.Continue Reading