It’s not just Bees – Infertility issues for men rapidly developing in the world – Cornwall Ontario – May 10, 2010

Cornwall ON- Recent media stories are pointing to more and more issues of Male Infertility. According to many of these stories developments in babies via chemicals and other environmental issues are impacting the reproductive capabilities of men. LINK Professor Niels Skakkebaek, of the University of Copenhagen, describes the issue ‘as important as global warming’. Last week, […]

Vrienden means Friends in Dutch – Beau’s Brew Unveils new Maple Syrup & Juniper Berry beer! May 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Our friends at Beau’s Brew have been at it again and after being commissioned Dutch Embassy in Ottawa you can sample their latest in The Wild Oat series, Vrienden. Juniper Berries and Maple Syrup power this unique Belgian style witbier. This week, Beau’s announced the name of the beer – Vrienden, Dutch for “friends” – […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – A plastic-film-less food shopping journey – May 7, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I have begun the plastic-film-less food shopping journey.  I said in the last Earth Matters column that I would begin mid-May…well I started early.  I was concerned about being able to find a nutritious whole grain bread without plastic to replace a wonderful product that we currently purchase off the shelf in […]

LIVE on SEAWAYRADIO.COM Political Activist Marc Emery on the Legalization of Marijuana – Thursday May 6th at 3PM EST

Cornwall ON – Marijuana Activist Marc Emery will be on at 3PM EST Thursday May 6. In a rare radio interview Mr. Emery will talk about the legalization of Marijuana and related subjects. httpv://! You never know who’ll pop up on – Live Community Radio from Cornwall Ontario!

Wacky Harper Government Trying to Pass Tougher Drug and Crime Bill – Cornwall Ontario – May 4, 2010

Cornwall ON – Those wacky Stephen Harper Conservatives are back after crime.  Apparently they are mulling a bill that will criminalize drugs more (unless you’re a Conservative MP or former MP). LINK Justice Minister Rob Nicholson dropped broad hints Sunday that the new legislation would revive a controversial provision — a mandatory six-month sentence for people convicted […]

Komorowski’s Korner – Insulating The Basement by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – May 4, 2010

Insulating the Basement Cornwall ON – The average basement typically accounts for a major heat loss unless it is properly insulated. The good news is that a poured concrete basement (as opposed to concrete block or field stone) can be easily and effectively insulated by the homeowner. The first and most important step is to […]

Editorial – Is it time for Canada to get its snout out of the Alberta Oil Sands? Gulf Tragedy Hits Louisiana – Cornwall Ontario – May 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – As I write this there’s an awful lot of oil heading towards the Louisiana coastline; some of which has already advanced into pockets and is impacting wildlife and the environment. So far very little has been done; and it looks like this will be even bigger than the Exxon Valdez in impact on […]

What a Beautiful Day to visit the 11th Annual South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Trade Show at The Long Sault Arena! Admission is Free – May 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – I had a chance to pop by the 11th Annual South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Trade show at the Long Sault Arena last night.    Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee has his magical brews waiting to go.  Reg will also be calling in with reports on starting at 10AM ! There […]

Two more Companies Recognized under Ontario’s Environmental Leaders Program by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – April 29, 2010

Two more Companies Recognized under Ontario’s Environmental Leaders Program Cornwall ON – Two more companies were recognized today by Provincial Environmental Minister John Gerretsen as being Environmental Leaders in the province, Warren’s Waterless Printing and PowerStream. According to the Minister, these two companies are an example of a growing number of Ontario businesses “…that prove […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Do you want a say in how or what garbage is handled in Cornwall? – April 29, 2010

Do you want a say in how or what garbage is handled in Cornwall? Cornwall ON – Your opportunity has arrived. The City of Cornwall invites and encourages your input on present and future ways to manage the City’s waste production.  Your attendance is welcome at a public meeting this Thursday, May 13 th from 3 […]

Provincial Government to Can the Use of 13 Litre Toilets – Green News – by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – April 28, 2010

Provincial Government to Can the Use of 13 Litre Toilets – Green News – by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – April 28, 2010

Provincial Government to Can the Use of 13 Litre Toilets Cornwall ON – Ontarians currently use about 260 litres of water per day – nearly twice as much as the UK and Germany, countries with similar standards of living. The Ontario Government is planning to introduce legislation under the Green Energy Act to reduce this amount. […]

Avatar Director James Cameron Isn’t Liking The Alberta Tarsands – GREEN NEWS – Cornwall Ontario – April 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Avatar Director James Cameron isn’t happy with the Alberta Tar Sands.  The Billionaire fimmaker, pride of Kapuskasing Ontario recently discussed the environment. LINK “I think it’s bad, I think it’s the wrong solution for us to be doing greater and greater environmental damage pursuing a dead-end paradigm, which is fossil fuels, instead […]

12th Annual Raisin Region Conservation Area Earth Day Celebration – April 24th, 2010

Cornwall ON – It’s always good to green Cornwall.   The Raisin Region Conservation Area will be giving away 10 seedlings per household as part of their 12th Annual Earth Day Celebration. It’s this Saturday April 24th at 18045 Country Road 2 or you can phone them at 613.938.3611 for more information. please visit our […]

Bill C-311 to be voted on Wednesday April 14 – The Climate Change Accountability Act – If you care about the Environment You can have Your Say Canada – Cornwall Ontario.

Cornwall ON – We get a lot of emails and calls here at The Cornwall Free News and this Wednesday a vote is taking place in Parliament regarding Bill C-311 which is the The Climate Change Accountability Act. The Harper Government is against this piece of legislation; although supported by opposition parties, a lot of […]

Elizabeth May Not Amused with Harper Government’s Attack on the Environment – Anti-Green Policy Creeping over Canada – Cornwall Ontario – April 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Federal Green Party of Canada of Canada leader Elizabeth May is taking exception to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s attacks on the Environment in what she calls an “Anti-Green” agenda. LINK “If this government’s policy goals were ever stated clearly, Canadians would be up in arms,” says May. “So they talk about ‘realistic’ […]