Let the Battle Begin – Ignatieff Throws Down the Gauntlet

Michael Ignatieff made his position clear.  It’s time for the Harper Government to go.   From Sudbury the Liberal Leader stated clearly his intention to bring the Conservatives down the first chance they get.   It’s now up to Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe to prop up Mr. Harper or we go to election. Mr. Harper may […]

Election Rumblings, Sabre Rattlings, Murmors, Rumors…..

Is the Volcano about to burst and spout another Canadian Election?     Last week there was a meeting between Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, and Stephen Harper Prime Minister of the Minority Conservative government. The Libs are meeting in Sudbury mulling, conspiring, and wringing their hands as to what to do and how to do […]

All this election talk….Swine Flu and Jobs

All this election talk….Swine Flu and Jobs

Election seems to be the buzz word in the news nowadays, but to me two things concern me personally a lot more. The Economy.   And I’m talking about the local economy.    If we can’t get good jobs we can’t grow as a city or pay for things like the arena. Right now the job front […]

Glen Grant, a man of principle and Habs Fan

I have some Conservative roots.   I also love hockey.   So when the opportunity arose to sit down with the Cornwall City Councilor and our MP’s campaign manager I decided to take it. And honestly I was surprised and impressed by my encounter with Glen Grant.   We’re both Habs fans so we started on a good […]

Elizabeth May not to Run in Nova Scotia

L I N K Elizabeth May, Leader of the Federal Green Party of Canada has officially stated that she won’t be running in Nova Scotia again.   Right now things are pointing to the BC riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. “The B.C. riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, which is currently held by Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn, has […]

NDP Nomination Meeting Drums Up the CASH

Another night, another nomination meeting.  This one served up some really good carrot cake though. It was all Darlene Jalbert last night at the Navy Club.  Surrounded by party faithful and committed volunteers Ms Jalbert enters her second attempt to unseat local MP Guy Lauzon. Cornwall City Councilor Elaine MacDonald led off in welcoming Darlene […]

New Polling Service Coming to Area

New Polling Service Coming to Area

We are going to be working with a new outfit that offer’s polling services to groups and companies.  From Politics to Product Marketing, local, regional or even world wide;  Polls can make or  break your business model or campaign. Email info@cornwallfreenews.com for more information. please visit our sponsors:

Local Liberal Stars Shine at Bernadette Clément Nomination Meeting

Local Liberal Stars Shine at Bernadette Clément Nomination Meeting

It was a breathtaking night in local politics at the Knights of Columbus hall.    Local Liberals turned out in record numbers to attend the nomination meeting. Only one candidate was on the docket, which wasn’t surprising to any in attendence.     It’s part of Ms Bernadette Clément’s charm, pulling people together and uniting them which makes […]

Rock the Vote 2009 Shakes Murphy’s Inn

Rock the Vote is one wild party!   Sponsored by The Cornwall District Labour Council and the Brain Child of the Cornwall Underground’s Jason Setnyk and City Councilor Elaine MacDonald it was a super party with a over 20 performers and speakers including Cornwall’s own, Fathom Ties. NDP Candidate to be Darlene Jalbert introduced many of […]

Darlene Jalbert has her Running Shoes ready! NDP Nomination Meeting

Darlene Jalbert has her Running Shoes ready!  NDP Nomination Meeting

Elaine MacDonald sent this in.   Good luck Darlene.   It should be quite the race this coming election. The Stormont Dundas South Glengarry NDP riding association is holding a candidate nomination meeting at the Navy Veterans’ Club, 30 Sixth Street East, on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. The party executive is pleased to endorse […]

Bernadette Clément To Run Against Guy Lauzon in the Next Federal Election

Tomorrow there’s a press conference scheduled for 12:15 at The Best Western in the dining room where it is expected that Cornwall City Councilor Ms Bernadette Clément will be the uncontested Liberal candidate in the next Federal election for our riding. Ms Clément could not be reached for comment.  It’s been a long process as […]

Rock The Vote! This Sunday at Murphy’s Inn

Rock The Vote!  This Sunday at Murphy’s Inn

Jason Setnyk from The Cornwall Underground and our occasional writer/photog sent in this release and the images.  See you all at Murphy’s Inn on Sunday! This Sunday August 23rd at Murphy’s Inn marks the sixth annual Rock the Vote, a concert that promotes voting to a younger demographic. “Civic responsibilities like voting, volunteering in the […]