CORNWALL Ontario – Between September 8 and 11, 2014, the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) collaborated on a marihuana eradication project named SABOT. This year, this project covered the areas of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties as well as the Prescott-Russell counties.Continue Reading

DRUG WARRANTS EXECUTED (South Glengarry) – On August 27, 2014, members of the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau – Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) – Project Paradigm, Emergency Response Team (ERT) and SD&G OPP officers executed Controlled Drug and Substance Act Search Warrants at properties on Concession Road 7 and Cuthbert Road,Continue Reading

CFN – When ever any party sets out a plan to address any policy, they are, in effect, trying to predict the future and/or influence the outcome. No one can actually know what the future will bring, but if a ball is hit with a bat and it heads towards a house, everyone watching canContinue Reading

CFN – When we look at the science and history of cannabis, we see that it is safer than cola, coffee, or chocolate. When one considers that cola and chocolate products almost always have a lot of sugar in them, and coffee sometimes has sugar, we realize that cannabis is much safer. And whenContinue Reading

  CFN – Some creative editing of provincial election signs by a local man has concluded with Kingston Police locating and seizing a grow operation in his own residence.   On Wednesday, June 4th at approximately 8:00 a.m. a Uniform Patrol Constable observed 35-year-old Michael B. DALTON defacing the electionContinue Reading

Marijuana is not new to anyone here in Cornwall or for that matter just about anywhere else. We live in times where bizarre laws are changing and the public is pushing hard for that change. In Colorado and Washington State Marijuana is now bringing in hard cash into the publicContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Bill Kingston is one whacky dude and it’s not just his choice of hat.    Today he commented on the double standard of drug use by politicians. In his best John Baird impression Wild Bill angrily blarted things that aren’t in touch with reality. He tries toContinue Reading

CFN – The Ottawa Police Service Drug Unit, in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Ottawa Fire Services and the Canada Border Services Agency, recently completed a three month drug project dubbed project “Power Plant”.   The drug project specifically targeted marihuana grow operations and marihuana traffickers in theContinue Reading

Justin Trudeau’s Policy Priority – Legalizing Marijuana   I usually don’t comment on the policy positions of other parties and their Members, but given the content of Justin Trudeau’s first policy announcement, I feel I must. I believe differences in opinion and policy are what democracy is all about. WhenContinue Reading

    CFN – Imagine waking one morning to find police officers towing your car out of your driveway. “What is the meaning of this!?” you demand. “Um, yeah…” says the officer, “Some people out west – we heard – drove too fast, or, maybe didn’t stop correctly, or droveContinue Reading

CFN – While it’s nice to see Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talking about Marijuana we live in times that are very confusing. While our PM Stephen Harper supports the status quo “War on Drugs” the reality is that Marijuana is a trade issue and not one of cops and robbers.Continue Reading