October 27, 2022 – So I went to the Permit Me meeting at Echo Trends in Cornwall last night. It’s a small group who are upset at permit abuse by the City of Cornwall Ontario. Essentially the city abusively enforces Building Codes which leads to heavy cost and time burdenContinue Reading

May 25, 2021 –The Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA) is calling on the Federal and Provincial Governments to lead the way by creating recovery solutions and a phased-in approach. OBIAA says that by creating a phased strategy, we can begin to create balance – a balance which includes physical, mental andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Wow!  I didn’t realize how long it’s been since yours truly has done a restaurant review. For this scribbler a review is all about expectations.  Whether it be haute cuisine or a simple chipstand we all have expectations walking in.   We expect a fish n chips shopContinue Reading

Confused about how to get your website up the rankings in search engines? Do you have an older website or did you overpay for older technology?  Is your site mobile friendly?    Are you getting value?  Do you want to? Social Media excite and confuse you? Custom Web Design, support, consulting,Continue Reading

Walsh Pressure Cleaning  The importance of checking sewer lines is one of the most important steps when purchasing a property. DIAL 613 571 6881 Today!  No corrode sewer lines are essentially treated cardboard that could cost you thousands of dollars to replace.  Tree roots through sewer lines, cracked and brokenContinue Reading

What better way to reach your much needed work force than a full page ad on CFN?    Your poster, text, photos, and even embedded video, all hot linked to your web presence, and indexed to search engines!! Your page stays active for up to one full year! We reach keyContinue Reading

  The one consistent when I’ve entertained offers to purchase CFN these past three years has been the request that I remain in some capacity with the paper.    The negotiations that have commenced this week are no different in that aspect. The one big difference was that Cornwall beContinue Reading

CFN is proud to now offer website development, custom graphics, & social media services. You can’t afford to run a business, service, organization without a website and social media presence. Don’t be fooled into spending thousands when you can get a turn key self serve site for as little as $299! TooContinue Reading

The average price of a home today keeps edging up in Cornwall Ontario yet one of the few places homeowners ever inspect before making the most important purchase most ever make is their sewage and drain pipes. Repairs can be brutal running in the thousands and most home inspectors doContinue Reading