Cornwall Ontario – Cornwall is a big enough city to have culture.   Yes we have a lower income level, but that usually breeds art.  It usually attracts artists who are always looking for less expensive places to practice their art too. The problem is that there is no true appetiteContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – TAG Cornwall, the now closed Public Art Gallery of Cornwall had dusty plans for an Art Centre from 1995.   The City of Cornwall of course never moved forward and slashed funding for the Charity to zero for 2015 and 2016 before it closed, instead spending theContinue Reading

The lady doth protest too much, methinks For a man that to my knowledge has never set foot in Cornwall’s public Art Gallery, Standard Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodrigues sure likes to write about it. He writes about the gallery far more than say…..the shady Harbor Front deal, or how BigContinue Reading

My year at TAG Cornwall has been eye opening and interesting.   I’ve discovered a passion for painting.  I’ve seen the good and bad in our local artists.   I’ve listened to a lot of people.  I’ve helped a lot of people.  I’ve also had to say no to someContinue Reading

While many know John Lester, formerly of JL Computers as a guru of sorts in Cornwall; he’s also an avid photographer. Some of his work hangs currently in TAG Cornwall, the city’s public art gallery that is on the precipice of closing. A meeting has been called for Tuesday FebruaryContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Barrie Wentzell has met and worked with almost every musical great during his stint with Melody Maker magazine in London from 1965-75. That time included working with David Bowie who passed away after a brave fight with Cancer. Wentzell recently visited Cornwall for a fund raising exhibitContinue Reading

Moise Lasata is an example of a tortured artist struggling with life’s challenges.     After working for years in Welding, and of some of the toughest industrial sorts, he was debilitated, losing a lot of ability to use his hands. While at a centre connecting with his First Nation’sContinue Reading

YAC (Your Arts Council) announced today that it was moving away from having an Executive Director and cutting ties with Bruce Davis. Davis had been with YAC since it’s political inception with Community Futures under Francois Desormeaux. YAC had stated at the budget hearings that it needed cash from theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The Art Gallery of Cornwall has overcome many obstacles in 2015.    Board changes, a punitive City Council cutting its funding to ZERO, but the 33 year old public art gallery has shown that art and artists are a resilient bunch. Tired of the petty infighting withinContinue Reading

Oh Canada!   Tomorrow is July 1st.  Sadly you won’t see CFN participating in our local event that is about to be rained out (bad karma thanks to Guy) as our MP has hijacked Canada Festivities in our city. Canada Day, above all days, should be inclusive and community building.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In an odd twist of events the City Report from staff to council to be presented Monday night excludes The Art Gallery of Cornwall.  The city’s 33 year old public gallery was left off of the report to council of groups to confer with regarding the cityContinue Reading

  Child Haven International (CHI) has a Home for destitute children along with 22 women in Kathmandu , Nepal where the big earthquake recently has devastated the area. Fortunately, the children were out in the courtyard when the quake struck and are fine. There has been some slight damage toContinue Reading

CFN – What a busy week.   Congratulations first off to YAC.  City Council decided to give the group nearly $1,000 cash per member for this year.      That gives hope for the arts community as TAG has nearly 200 members.  Could a big cheque be on the way toContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – There may be something that artists in Cornwall Ontario can learn from Firefighters.    The charade that has been this year’s budget committee has given lip service to cutting taxes. With half of council having signed a pledge to do so it seems the only things cutContinue Reading

CFN – Claude McIntosh & Andre Rivette led the charge against Art funding at the Budget Committee meeting Monday.    Groups had ten minutes only to sing for their supper with some follow up questions with Bernadette Clement chairing. For disclosure purposes I am on the board of our ArtContinue Reading

​The board of TAG ( are proud to announce a new direction for 2015! “We’ve already seen results from our new board format and have received a lot of positive feedback from area artists” said TAG President Wyatt Walsh. After extensive meetings and discussion the board is focusing on someContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Sheep.  Not everyone likes them.  They can be a bit like Art.  Well actually that would be taking artistic licence as sheep really aren’t like art unless well….we are entering a fuzzy zone of mystical proportions that probably aren’t relative to tonight’s City Council meeting in CornwallContinue Reading

The president of The Art Gallery (TAG) is pleased to announce a well-established media professional and entrepreneur has agreed to join the board of directors of TAG. Roland Besner has announced Kevin Lamoureux will be attending his first full board meeting February 16. Lamoureux is president and CEO of KAVContinue Reading