Francophone Community Cut Short by 40′ in Cornwall

It was a robust and large crowd in attendance at tonight’s City Council meeting.   The reason for all this energy was the placement of a plaque, flag and flagpole for Le Monuement de la Francophonie. The project is simple enough.   A plaque, flag, and flagpole are placed in area communities in tribute.    100% of the […]

Border Closing UPDATE

LATEST UPDATE A lot of places are talking about the border closing.   Here are some of the stories out there. MP to the Rescue Mohawks only allowed on Seaway Bridge TALKS PLANNED MEDIATION? Truckers Weigh In “CBSA points out that U.S. guards working on the territory have carried guns for decades without any objections from […]

Bridge Update – Tuesday June 2

The night was quiet with no major altercations which is a good thing.  Hopefully the rhetoric can ratchet down. Here are some stories and coverage on the event. Truckers Frustrated by Bridge Closure Frustration on all sides Bob Kilger calls on Ottawa Stand Off at Seaway Bridge Coverage from further away Calgary suggests it’s time […]

Resto Reviews – Seguin Patates CORNWALL

Resto Reviews – Seguin Patates CORNWALL

I love chip stands.  I love a good steamed dog  as well.    Seguin Patates (921 Marlborough St N, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada) is a venerable old chip stand here in Cornwall.   It’s been around for a long time so this year I thought I’d do a review of it. I love their Coney Sauce; the fries […]

Cornwall Lift Off announces headline act

The budget must be getting low as the Lift Off people opened the crypt and dragged out Amanda Marshall from obscurity. Ms Marshall hasn’t put out a new album since 2001 and hasn’t been on tour much either.  It should be an interesting show. Luckily Lift Off is a super event and should be an […]

Friday Rally against arming of Border Guards

Friday Rally against arming of Border Guards

L I N K Rally today next to the Canada Customs border crossing at 6:30 today (Friday May 29)   No matter what your position communication is a good thing.    I do think there’s a solution to this issue that could meet the needs of both sides. please visit our sponsors:

David Rawnsley to Run Again for Greens

With the smell of election in the air it’s good to see another party get things going. Green Party Candidate David Rawnsley will be running again in the next election.   I predict him to garner more votes this time around.    Good luck David. So far in this riding we have Mr. Rawnsley running for the […]