OCTOBER 16, 2020 – Beak Lindsay Seniors Residence had a very energetic and hard working volunteer gardener this past season, Claudette Quesnel. The tenants said that she was out in the early spring preparing the flower beds for planting. The result was beautiful flowers all summer. The residents were veryContinue Reading

Remember the wonderful Roger’s and Hammerstein’s song from Carousel,” June is Busting Out All Over”? It certainly is. No wonder!! April showers brought May flowers. What a wonderful treat to see everything blooming in such an array of gorgeous colours. An artist’s delight. First the small crocuses raised their littleContinue Reading

A very special senior, Edna Dorey, celebrated her 104th. birthday in May. Happy Birthday and all good wishes, Edna. . Distancing is not a very natural thing to do. You automatically go to the person to speak with them. Some hard of hearing seniors are finding that they don’t hearContinue Reading

In the next few days Christians will be celebrating Easter and our Jewish friends will be celebrating Passover. It will be the most different Easter and Passover just about all of us will have ever experienced. No church or synagogue services or usual family gatherings. Certainly no Easter Parade anywhere.Continue Reading

Soup’s on!! That has a nice delicious sound to it. “Comin’, Ma!” Oops! No! Ma’s not cooking. Twenty chefs are. And…if you want some, go to the Civic Complex on January 21st. in Salons ABC anytime from 11:30am until 2pm. According to information I received from the Alzheimer Society, thereContinue Reading

Editor’s Note: We apologize for the late publication of Dawn’s column due to technical upgrading of the site. The Beek Lindsay Seniors Residence held their annual Christmas Food Drive to benefit the Food Cupboard at Trinity Anglican Church over the Christmas Holidays. In this photo, Pat Marchand is adding someContinue Reading

I received a beautiful 2020 calendar from CNIB Guide Dogs. Wonderful photos of the dogs each month. I went on line to read more about this organization. There are three career options for the dogs: Guide Dogs which are partnered with adults with sight loss, Buddy Dogs are partnered withContinue Reading

With dreams of Santa on the way, children are getting excited. I went on line to learn about how this Santa Claus legend first began. It is traced to a benevolent monk born in Patara, near Myra in modern day Turkey, about 270 AD, Saint Nicholas, a fourth century ChristianContinue Reading