Ottawa Ontario –   The 4/20 marijuana rally on Parliament Hill attracted over nine thousand participants. Yappers, a prominent Toronto band played original music during the warm sunny afternoon. A variety of speakers made comments from the steps of the Centre Block building. Shortly after 4:20 PM, Tom Mulcair, member ofContinue Reading

Since it’s 2016, Canadian marijuana policy is about to change. Yesterday’s users were delinquent outsiders. They apparently acted as criminal, conspiratorial spys, students and single mothers. They were immoral, indictable and illegal sitting targets. Tomorrow they will become moral, politically correct and legislatively upright at the stroke of a pen,Continue Reading

  If cigarettes weren’t sexy and cool, people wouldn’t use them. Men smoke, boys don’t but you too, have come a long way, Baby. The big fancy military-industrial-complex drones, the small amateur drones, the cargo dumping planes, the sixteen police agencies, border patrols,  the flotilla of Mohawk submarines, hot airContinue Reading

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to law proposals regarding the safety of Canada and its surveillance. What’s wrong with our current use of Part 2, section 46 of the Canadian Criminal Code?: Offences against public order. Offences against the Queen’s Authority or Person “…conducting acts preparatory for war, assists anContinue Reading

TORONTO Ontario  – On October 24th at the 35th International Festival Of Authors James Ellroy read from his latest novel, Perfidia. He welcomed the audience of over a hundred luminaries as ‘…panty sniffing pederasts and pervs…’ Ellroy was interviewed on stage by best selling novelist, Linwood Barclay. Here is part of their Friday evening conversation.   Continue Reading