DECEMBER 23, 2020 – Castle Faggot is a comedic straightforward novella of 85 pages by Derek McCormack with a bonus ten-page afterword by Zac Farley and Dennis Cooper. That last part exists as defense and praise for what I gather is a departure from DM’s normal writing. I admit toContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – Peanuts, a giant rabbit, made a surprise appearance on Parliament Hill at the annual civil disobedient  4/20 marijuana smoke out.   “That’s a Continental Giant,” the owner Sarah Brudo said. “I bought him at a Rabbitry in Hamilton [Ontario, Canada] I got him at 7 or 8Continue Reading

  OTTAWA ONTARIO –   Dana Larsen is from Vancouver, owns two marijuana dispensaries, is the author of four books and a prior editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. He is on a multi-city Canadian tour with a mission to discuss marijuana in terms of it’s history, legislation, adherents and critics.Continue Reading

  OTTAWA ONTARIO – How many Prime Ministers can dance on the head of a pin while the marijuana money rolls in?   In the bright shadows of the Le Dain Commission and the Senate Commission Young Liberals resurrected the Liberal Party during the last election and part of theContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – In a nationally coordinated raid today, Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary stores were singled out and attacked today. The Ottawa store was assaulted around 11 AM. At least five people including Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra were kidnapped and are being heldContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – Jodie Emery, the CEO of Cannabis Culture, was in Ottawa yesterday, Feb. 22. She took to the steps of Parliament Hill to protest the arrest of marijuana users. Her message to Justin Trudeau was to, “Stop the arrests.”  Jodie Emery said, “There have been more raids andContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – Electrical power was knocked out Wednesday afternoon until late in the evening in the 900 block of the Woodward Avenue industrial park and some of the surrounding area. Near 3 PM a middle aged man driving a white contractor’s van accidently struck the guy wire supporting an electric utility pole.Continue Reading

Don Briere owns Weeds Glass & Gifts, a chain of over 20 marijuana dispensaries located in many cities through out Canada. He once went to jail for operating over 30 grow-ops using 77 thousand high pressure bulbs. Currently he signs many cheques, employs over a hundred people, and requires receiptsContinue Reading

Ottawa- Ottawa’s first mini-marijuana Expo and Reefer Madness party was a success despite torrential downpours.   Wayne Robillard calls out door prizes for ticket holders. Wayne Robillard’s super top secret location hosted over a hundred people through the afternoon and evening. Darcy D.J. provided the music, free copies of SkunkContinue Reading

  Over the past three years from 2013 to 2016 marijuana prescriptions given to veterans has increased from slightly over a hundred to over a thousand. Clayton Goodwin gave a speech from the steps of Parliament Hill on April 20th on behalf of Canadian Veterans this 2016 to an escalatingContinue Reading