SD&G OPP CHARGE SOUTH STORMONT MAN WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY OFFENCES (SOUTH STORMONT, ON) – Members of the SD&G Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Crime Unit assisted by the OPP Digital Forensic Unit , Child Sexual Exploitation Unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC), TheContinue Reading

This newspaper is generally the only one that will tackle sensitive issues in Cornwall. It’s cost us money, resources, friendships, and even seen myself land in jail on false police charges by a corrupt Police Force that I clearly had not committed. IE, I was charged with making Threatening PhoneContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Franckly (yes, spelled that way on purpose) it was most disturbing to see the Canadian Legion roll out the dog and pony show over Franck Gervais who misguidedly and apparently well intentioned, was charged under section 419 of the Canadian Criminal code for wearing a military uniform.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – An American website has covered a story about the Cornwall Legion’s 1st VP and cadet liaison Arthur Murray not having served or earned any actual medals which is a criminal offence. The Legion nor Mr. Murray have responded to CFN’s request for comment prior to publication ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Surviving a conspiratorial City of Cornwall led boycott isn’t easy.   As we approach our 8th Anniversary good news is always nice to see especially as we survive on a near non budget with little to no staffing. Thanks to our many contributors and supporters who helpedContinue Reading

Cornwall is one of the oddest communities I’ve ever lived in and I’ve lived in a few.     The political corruption fingers through everything from City Hall, to charities, and even our SD&G Highlanders apparently. First you have former MPP Jim Brownell named as Honourary Lt. Colonel.    ThatContinue Reading

CFN –  Deputy Judge Raymond H Gouin handed down an Ontario record decision of cost against Richard and Ruth Currier of Ingleside Ontario after their Small Claims Case against Jamie Gilcig, editor of CFN, was tossed out of court after a motion to dismiss. Hate Group Leader & Good FriendContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The latest presser from Team Cornwall announcing Jim Brownell as the key speaker shows how disconnected the group has become. Frankly it may be time to either sit down and figure out what Team Cornwall really should be or disband it. Having Jim Brownell be a keyContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Lt-Col. Steven Young of the SD&G Highlanders, known as the Glens, will tell everyone who will listen that the unit is short staffed.  Since taking over the unit numbers have drifted to about half strength. Could one of the reasons why the unit have such a low amountContinue Reading

Does this image offend you? It should.  It does me. Does this one? Can you imagine some drunken idiot putting a picture of someone in the centre of a poppy because they were suspended by Facebook?   I know.  Insane. When presented this image Bill Maxwell of the Canadian LegionContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – What does the Poppy mean to you as Remembrance Day approaches?   Should we be remembering those who sacrificed their lives only one day per year? Many people have different thoughts about the Poppy which is used by the Legion to raise funds for our Veterans.  Continue Reading

Hope doesn’t always spring eternal. This was especially true (for me) in late summer, after the 100th anniversary of WW1 slipped back into the past, and August was on the wane. By that time, it was fully two months after the defacement of the poppy (by a gang that grewContinue Reading

CFN – Cornwall isn’t ready for change.  At least not this election.   My core pillar of changing the culture of Cornwall is the most important issue facing our city as it’s how we conduct ourselves. While there’s a surface veneer of “nice” there’s a nasty darkness that probably isContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Politics has been compared to war in some ways; but sometimes it’s just petty and sometimes it’s just personal. Maybe it’s because The Seaway News is the number three media in Cornwall? ( they moved up after Corus Radio shut down its newsroom losing three jobs inContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Jim Brownell is very upset.  He’s ranting on his facebook page about yours truly. His invective is pretty out there for the normally mild mannered and polite retired school teacher and former Liberal MPP for our riding. I have been a huge supporter of Mr. Brownell, butContinue Reading