Calls, emails, and social media messages to Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle, who’s also the chair of the Agape, have gone unanswered as of press time. Johanne Couture, the Agape Executive Director responded with a nasty “NO COMMENT” regarding allegations that Mr. Dupelle has essentially hired several family members toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  One of the biggest problems in Cornwall is the utter failure of charities due to really bad politics. The United Way for example boycotts this newspaper.  They also kept missing their funding targets so they no longer have them.  Instead of acting like a responsible charity andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   This has been a very traumatizing week for a lot of people.   Being  a mere mortal myself we all only have so much endurance. While getting ready to escape Cornwall to celebrate the Strawberry Moon at a very dear friends joint, the news hit of the fiveContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Running for office isn’t the only way to help a community.  For many it’s a vain ego thing.  I just turned down a new provincial party looking for a local candidate.   Looking around the table here in Council there really are only 1 or 2 that trulyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s amazing how far some can get in the Cornwall area with just a PSW certificate.   Makes this writer think I should get one too. Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle has seen his take him to a top management position with near Sunshine List remuneration with CommunityContinue Reading

CFN chatted with Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle over the Chem Tank scandal and cover up that has leaked its way into the Federal election as Councilor Bernadette Clement is running for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. While many media and politicos are targeting Lauzon the cover up clearly was by theContinue Reading

It’s been a tumultuous year for Cornwall’s public art gallery, but the board and public had some fun and enjoyed a lovely downtown Saturday afternoon in Pommier Square! TAG Cornwall wishes to thank the community and especially Andre Pommier & the Pommier family for allowing us to use their squareContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Councilor Maurice Dupelle is frustrated.  After his first term as councilor was mired in scandal and controversy he’s now facing the decision to call in the closed meeting investigator (cue Hugo!) over his allegation that much of what occurred at a recent in camera meeting was inContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I’m going to pay a rare compliment to our city council.   Maybe rare shouldn’t be the term.   Because of the weirdness that was the Kilger council of the last term there was very little to compliment our elected officials about.  Nearly half of our currentContinue Reading

Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL Ontario – There are 12 people that owe the truth to the people of Cornwall.   Bob Kilger, Elaine MacDonald, Syd Gardiner, Maurice Dupelle, Andre Rivette, Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Denis Carr, Denis Thibault, Bernadette Clement, David Murphy,  Glen Grant, and yes, Gerry Samson owe the people of Cornwall some answers.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –   Two familiar faces joined the race for council in Cornwall as incumbents Maurice Dupelle and Denis Carr signed up officially. They contrast as it was Dupelle’s first term on council and Carr is the longest serving elected official.  Where Dupelle was learning the ropes and actuallyContinue Reading