It’s been a hot mess watching the tragedy play out in Iran. The shooting down of an Ukranian airplane with 57 Canadians out of 173 souls was an act of terrorism and murder. While some are calling it an accident, the plane clearly flew from Iran. IE, flight control inContinue Reading

Andrew Scheer lost to Justin Trudeau. No need to rehash the high end baggage that Trudeau and his Liberals carried into this last Federal Election, but it’s clear to say that a party only one term out of office with a strong base should’ve earned an easy majority. Does thatContinue Reading

The most stunning thing about Cornwall Politics is that the sheep are stunningly silent until it’s too late. Facing an anticipated 7% tax rate hike, city management and council have been flirting and floating having “Smart Water Meters” for the approximately 16,000 buildings in Cornwall. The basic argument for suchContinue Reading

Scores, Lowe’s, and now the Scotia Bank call centre. It’s becoming clear that Cornwall Ontario simply isn’t a place to succeed in business. Normally closures come after Christmas, but there are starting to flood before. A weak employee pool, corrupt and incompetent City Hall, scandals, high electrical rates, and runawayContinue Reading

We live in a community that sadly discounts truth and integrity. Where terms like “fake news” get bandied around by people that truly have no understanding of news or how news works. Some of whom get elected to office. If you live in a community with little accountability this isContinue Reading

The election that nobody seems to care about trundles on. This will be an historic loss if Andrew Scheer gives The Trudeau Liberals a majority win. With a history of broken election promises and gross hypocrisy the Conservatives simply have failed to deliver a strong game with much of theContinue Reading

This writer was shocked this week and it takes a lot to shock someone as jaded as myself. Number 7. Do not administer medication? Really? Social media was littered with reports of children being forced to eat lunch at their desks with some allegations of them having to sit onContinue Reading

So the official mouth pieces for the city are floating a piece with the Police Brotherhood, surprise, surprise, wanting more officers hired. They want a discussion. And this writer agrees that there needs to be a discussion, because of the end of the day there are valid concerns and questions.Continue Reading

Thee’s nothing like the crackle of real wood in a chimenea or wood pit. With no real cultural activity in the city other than cover bands and drag nights, weekend fires are a chance for friends and family to enjoy some time together. Some of the best nights I’ve hadContinue Reading

Over 90 per cent of eligible municipalities have participated in the Ford governments line-by-line budget review. Cornwall’s Cat hating mayor Bernadette Clement admitted recently at the AMO conference that the city was not one of those to take the provincial funded exercise. Why wouldn’t she and the city do so?Continue Reading

Akwesasne has a long history of weed traffic. While many focus on the illegal tobacco smuggling; Marijuana has long been moved through Akwesasne. In fact when this newspaper covered allegations of Fentanyl laced cannabis they were based in Akwesasne. Frightening enough, the EOHU ran to another media squealing that thereContinue Reading

So I’m reading coverage of a special group think with the assistance from someone from Kingston. They came up with five priorities. The Waterfront, more population, better housing, Economic Development, and Environmental Sustainability (the last of which I’m sure they farted out because they couldn’t’ come up with a realContinue Reading