Nick Seebruch of the Seaway News isn’t the brightest journalist. He takes stands on issues like this while staying silent on important local issues. I get it. When you tell simple truths about bad people doing bad things you end up with less ads in your newspaper. For someone likeContinue Reading

What a dysfunctional attempt at Machiavellian intrigue is going on in the shadows at City Hall in Cornwall. At root is what appears to be the Mayor and CAO throwing Clerk Manon Levesque under the bus for not issuing a final certificate with spending limits for the municipal election thatContinue Reading

Cornwall is not a unique community. It however does have a strain of bully culture that is very rare in that it’s embraced by its victims, many times more than its bullies, who really, because of cronyism, aren’t that capable. An example is that when I tried to save ourContinue Reading

I don’t envy your job Doug. I would never want to be Premier of Ontario. I admire your fight against the pointless and abusive cash grab that is the carbon tax. While that is going to be a long fight there is something your government can actually nail down andContinue Reading

When you have to face a decision too many pet owners deal with the last thing you want to do is worry about cost or questions about whether you’re a regular customer of a vet clinic. Yet that was exactly what happened to this writer when my beloved cat SamContinue Reading

Ugh, what a horrible and sad story to write. Death is something that shatters so many lives. It’s part of life. None of us escape it. Sadly one of the few services in Cornwall and SD&G announced that it’s shutting down barring an angel of support after its latest fundraiserContinue Reading

It’s amazing how politics work. There are the kool aid drinkers, the partisans, and then the slim amount of folk that will actually listen and read what is being said before making a decision where to park their vote. With Justin Trudeau fighting for his political life because of theContinue Reading

I’ve only lived in this area since 2004, but something I’ve noticed is that people are not big on being accountable and owning their messes. I know that’s universal, but it’s especially ugly here, especially top down. When MPP Jim McDonell made a total boob of himself using the termContinue Reading

It’s been a busy trade deadline in some ways. Ottawa was facing the biggest challenge. Out were Duchene, Stone, and Dzingel. Duchene was a disastrous mistake last year. Stone simply wasn’t going to resign with the Sens and Dzingel was a sell high situation. And the Sens needed to fillContinue Reading

There’s a certain irony about writing this piece on Valentine’s Day as it appears for many their Love for Justin Trudeau has gone stone cold. Most don’t remember that JT was in 3rd place trailing Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper at one time in the last election run when heContinue Reading

There have been multiple allegations that our own Mayor, Bernadette Clement (a fellow former Montreal person), has been in a long term relationship with local lawyer Kimberly Walsh who’s the Chancellor at the local Catholic Diocese and formerly bankrupt lawyer, for many moons. In 2019 gender, religion, sexuality should playContinue Reading