When the plan to start the South Stormont News rolled forward it was simple and basic. Help promote the community and offer something that most communities its size don’t have any longer, a local news presence. The South Stormont News was incorporated in Ingleside.    A deal was struck forContinue Reading

CFN –  Deputy Judge Raymond H Gouin handed down an Ontario record decision of cost against Richard and Ruth Currier of Ingleside Ontario after their Small Claims Case against Jamie Gilcig, editor of CFN, was tossed out of court after a motion to dismiss. Hate Group Leader & Good FriendContinue Reading

CFN – Tammy Hart and her very odd council in South Stormont appear to be in retreat after humiliating the township, again. In an act of truly boggling weirdness she and her council initiated discussion in limiting or eliminating cameras in open council meetings. Ms Hart and friends have anContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s time for our September 2014 Lihou Report; named after Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou, who raved about their numbers without really giving any numbers.    His narrative inspired this new name change in our numbers reporting as CFN has always tried to be upfront about the support we get from you;Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – That wacky Todd Lihou, pictured left, must’ve missed a few classes at J school or simply is ignoring certain principles of traditional journalism? CFN is a Gonzo journal so we do have more latitude, but we adhere to certain basic principles; like telling the truth to theContinue Reading

The deadline is almost here for the next print edition of The South Stormont News! There are two editions left before the Municipal elections and our next will be a whopper with extended coverage and extended distribution!   SSN now can also add flyers and inserts. Call to find outContinue Reading

  CFN – Where to start; the political climate in this area is absolutely scary. This does not feel like a community, this feels like a battle between good and evil. I do not believe I need to define who is who, anyone with a functioning brain can see thatContinue Reading

Christmas in July is a Local Shopping Initiative in the Region sponsored by The Cornwall Free News & The South Stormont News It’s a great opportunity for businesses, artists, organizations, charities, and any entity to promote themselves during these fiscally difficult times! For only $39+ HST your business card orContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Standard Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues is a bright man.  In addition to being the editor of Cornwall’s oldest newspaper he is also the Director of the Canadian Association of Journalists which many would consider means that he performs to higher standards than say…..Todd Lihou of the SeawayContinue Reading

 The deadline is coming up for your print ad in The South Stormont News. Our first edition in  print was very well received! Larger font for older eyes, multiple crossword and Suduko puzzles and content you care about! All on full colour, and printed on White-Brite paper instead of grey newsprint! ForContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – We had such a great experience printing The South Stormont News that we are about to move forward in July with the CFN print edition! It’s been a long time coming, and gives us a chance to expand our coverage and try a few new things.  Continue Reading

CFN –   There’s a group on facebook that boycotts Sun News.   So it wasn’t so surprising to see CFN have a tiny boycott group of our own.   They even posted a list of our sponsors and contacted a bunch.    While that’s not good for business orContinue Reading