Is the Montreal Student Strike the End of Canada as We Know it? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

Is the Montreal Student Strike the End of Canada as We Know it?  Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

CFN – Ah what interesting times we live in…   The Montreal Student protest is becoming International news.  Countless pieces have been written about it by hundreds of people… As a former Montrealer who grew up during the 70’s, the heart of linguistic purges in Quebec I saw first hand how Quebec language politics work. […]

How Facebook Reunited Me With the Very First Girl I Ever Dated by Jamie Gilcig – March 18, 2012

  CFN – I always marvel when people recoil from the internet or websites like Facebook.    They’re tools; inanimate unless people do something with them, like broccoli or automatic hand guns. I of course love using the internet. CFN  after all (contrary to  our local daily and mayor) is an online Newspaper. Our survival […]

Neverbloomers: The Search for Grownuphood on CBC Documentary Channel – Monday February 27, 2012 8PM EST

CFN – Neverbloomers : the search for Grownuphood premieres tomorrow on the CBC Documentary channel.   LINK  Sharon Hyman’s first feature length doc is a generational retrospective navel gazing  journey.   It asks many questions; answers a few; but mostly what drew me to it and kept me watching was the connection I made. As […]

Terry DiMonte HOME AT CHOM – Montreal Radio Vet chats with CFN – January 13, 2012

CFN – It was a blast talking with long time radio voice in Montreal Terry DiMonte.  He’s back in Montreal after some years in Calgary,and back at his old stomping grounds at CHOM 97.7 FM in Montreal. It’s refreshing and counters the trends of big  radio dumping older vets and replacing them with younger (and […]

Bad Pete Marier Off the Air at CHOM in Montreal – Media trends seeing the loss of so many veterans… December 26, 2011

CFN – There’s a trend in BIG CORPORATE media that is seeing a lot of talented people being replaced by young and less experienced voices.    Cost reduction or just reactions to divergence in media?  Some would see a decentralization and less focus on local is the culprit.  Create one radio show or one set […]

Montreal Media Targeting Canadiens Interim Coach Randy Cunneyworth for not being Bilingual – December 22, 2011

CFN –  The problem with losing hockey in Montreal is that the multitude of media have to find something to write about.   The first week post Jacques Martin has some members of the media targetting interim coach Randy Cunneyworth; as if Randy doesn’t have enough troubles taking over a squad that just doesn’t have […]

Letter to the Editor Michael L Blais CD – Harper Government Turning Veteran Hospital Over to Quebec Government Control & Support for VAC Budget Exemption – Dec 8, 2011

In response to the press conference held by the Union of Veterans Affairs Employees in Victoria BC yesterday, December 7, the Canadian Veterans Advocacy fully supports their demand that Veterans Affairs Canada be exempt from the Harper government’s proposed budget cuts in the upcoming federal budget. “Vets already face significant challenges accessing services and benefits,” […]

Carrefour Angrignon in Lasalle Quebec – Westcliff Group Shopping Mall Denies Legion from Selling Poppies for Remembrance Day ! UPDATED 12:28 PM

  CFN – I was shocked to learn tonight of a Mall owned by the Westcliff group that is refusing to allow poppies to be sold by the Legion before Remembrance  Day.   Carrefour Angrignon in Lasalle Quebec have refused their local Legion a table and two chairs in their sprawling Mall. It was covered in this […]

John De Young stars as Johnny Canuck! Saturday & Sunday October 22-23 – Crowley Arts Centre – Montréal

  JOHN DeYOUNG   stars in a musical play by . THE AWARD-WINNING . JOVANKA BACH . PRODUCED AND Directed by:  JOHN STARK . STARRING JOHN DEYOUNG . Multi-media slideshow & lighting design by Joe Morissey (New Mexico Production) Design and Technical Director (Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto productions) J. Kent Inasy Production video […]

Cornwall Ontario Women’s Roller Derby Team Visits Montreal to Learn and Shop! September 12, 2011

Montreal QC – It was a blast of a day for Cornwall’s newly forming Women’s Roller Derby team and league!    The girls went down to not only buy some gear and clothing, but also had the chance to watch a scrimmage between one of the top Women’s teams of North America as they beat […]

Royal Visit to Cornwall Ontario – Roller Derby Queen Georgia W Tush talks with Local League Founders – September 5, 2011

Cornwall ON – Royalty visited Cornwall Ontario; Roller Derby royalty as Georgia W Tush skated into the River City to meet and chat with Chloé Bessette and Penny Rudderham; two of the founders of the new Women’s Roller Derby league forming in Cornwall Ontario. httpv:// By day Georgia is Alyssa Kwasny, owner of Neon Skates in Montreal; […]

Foo Fighters Don’t Disappoint Montreal! The Return of the Doughboys – August 12, 2011

CFN –  The audience at the Bell Centre in Montreal Wednesday night did not go away disappointed as the Foo Fighters played for nearly three hours!    Dave Grohl has come along way since Nirvana.   My pal and former Cornwall resident, Evie, and Seattle native caught the Foo Fighters and had a lot of insight on […]

2nd Montreal Laughter Championships set for Just for Laughs July 24, 2011 Screening of Rire Extreme

Montreal QC –  A laughing contest held last October in Montreal sparked an international trend with contests breaking out in Japan,Czech Republicand the USA, according to the documentary RiRE EXTREME which premieres July 24th at  the Just for Laughs Festival. “Laughing contest held. Hilarity ensues.” CBC   Ultimate Laughter or extreme laughter can be highly entertaining due to the […]