Scores, Lowe’s, and now the Scotia Bank call centre. It’s becoming clear that Cornwall Ontario simply isn’t a place to succeed in business. Normally closures come after Christmas, but there are starting to flood before. A weak employee pool, corrupt and incompetent City Hall, scandals, high electrical rates, and runawayContinue Reading

This council reflects our mayor perfectly. Sloppy, unthinking, feebly emotional, and all veneer with little to no substance, leadership, or remote understanding of her and their roles on council. It just goes to show that if you sell your soul to Labour and agree to rubber stamp their demands youContinue Reading

I love this town. It’s insane. I swear there’s something in the water, besides residue from Big Ben and lead. CFN has confirmed allegations that the letter to the editor published in the Standard Freeholder from Councilor Claude McIntosh was in fact not a letter to the editor, but inContinue Reading

We live in a community that sadly discounts truth and integrity. Where terms like “fake news” get bandied around by people that truly have no understanding of news or how news works. Some of whom get elected to office. If you live in a community with little accountability this isContinue Reading

Just before Halloween, when it was announced that city council is shelling out $45,000. to sweeten the launch of a local naturopath’s ‘medical clinic,’ some people couldn’t help but wonder if the “treat” is some sort of a trick. Like many communities across Canada, Cornwall has a recruitment plan and isContinue Reading

Flipper Clement blinked fast after huge amounts of public backlash for the utterly unprofessional and backwards circus this past week that saw her council vote 8-3 in favor of banning back yard wood fire pits and chimeneas. In what clearly is a by law issue she and her council continuedContinue Reading

The banning of wood backyard fires is a hot topic in the River City. ( I know…I just had to!) Seriously though, now is your chance to sign our simple petition below. (Please note that it may take awhile for your signature to show up.) We are opening viewer commentsContinue Reading

Thee’s nothing like the crackle of real wood in a chimenea or wood pit. With no real cultural activity in the city other than cover bands and drag nights, weekend fires are a chance for friends and family to enjoy some time together. Some of the best nights I’ve hadContinue Reading

By Jamie Gilcig As repeatedly shared, the recipe for insanity is to repeat something that doesn’t work. Just a snippet from last night’s council meeting. Our corrupt and rigged council voted themselves a modest raise, a bit this year to catch up with tax changes, and bit more because ElaineContinue Reading

So I’m reading coverage of a special group think with the assistance from someone from Kingston. They came up with five priorities. The Waterfront, more population, better housing, Economic Development, and Environmental Sustainability (the last of which I’m sure they farted out because they couldn’t’ come up with a realContinue Reading

What a dysfunctional attempt at Machiavellian intrigue is going on in the shadows at City Hall in Cornwall. At root is what appears to be the Mayor and CAO throwing Clerk Manon Levesque under the bus for not issuing a final certificate with spending limits for the municipal election thatContinue Reading

Canada. Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that everyone has “the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” Sadly in the City of Cornwall and SD&G this is a sad joke. It goes beyond freedom of the pressContinue Reading

Cornwall is not a unique community. It however does have a strain of bully culture that is very rare in that it’s embraced by its victims, many times more than its bullies, who really, because of cronyism, aren’t that capable. An example is that when I tried to save ourContinue Reading

It’s boggling the level that some people and media outlets will sink too. Bernadette Clement has run in five elections, including two for MP. Campaign spending limits are one of the most common features of any run. In fact Ms Clement has a team around her. Not only is sheContinue Reading

Ugh snowflakes. Listening to Carolyne Hebert frankly gives me gas. Sadly, we get the government we collectively deserve and a rigged pro labour election has seen her and other snowflakes rubber stamp management budgets and plan. Starting April it appears that we will have a six bag limit in CornwallContinue Reading

Cornwall is a city where its sitting MPP, Jim McDonnell caused publicity by at the time comparing the Premier of the province to Nazi’s. There was a vibrant Jewish community in Cornwall, but most have left. Cornwall’s culture besides being a bully culture by nature, can be very intolerant. AndContinue Reading