Conservative MP Guy Lauzon issued a new mailer.   The purpose of a mailer generally is to communicate with voters in the riding.  It is done at tax payer’s expense and not of the Conservative Party. The latest mailer, which is a whopping 11×17 inches includes  a whopping four pages inContinue Reading

Canadians have spoken, and loudly, condemning Stephen Harper and rebuking his policies to the point of giving Justin Trudeau and his Liberals a full majority. Thomas Mulcair and his NDP fared even worse than Harper sliding back to their traditional less than 50 seats. Locally Guy Lauzon handily beat CityContinue Reading

As we get closer to the 19th it seems the local Liberals are feeling the frustration from trailing so badly in the poll numbers.      Or simply they have an utter boob as a riding President and simply didn’t replace him as they never had much hope of actuallyContinue Reading

Patrick Burger, Guy Lauzon, Bernadette Clement, Elaine Kennedy CFN- It was a feisty debate at the Civic Complex last night. Three of the four candidates were ready for battle and battle they did. The Green Party Candidate, Elaine Kennedy, was much more circumspect about the election preferring to talk about theContinue Reading

Conservative Tax Credits Are Big Government The Harper Conservative are proposing a tax credit for service club memberships. That follows earlier tax credits for volunteer firemen, children’s organized sports, and children’s organized cultural activities. These are all very noble and worthy endeavours. But do they need tax credits? Do taxContinue Reading

Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown took his seat at Queen’s Park and took aim at Premier Kathleen Wynne with his first question. He attacked on high hydro rates in the province which the Premier ducked and deflected.   What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Does Brown have game?Continue Reading

This has to be the weirdest Federal election I’ve lived through.    I’m now a hyper partisan voter.  No more party allegiances for me. The problem is that in this race the one leader I’d lean towards I’ve lost all faith in.    Nor do I see that much separatingContinue Reading

  While this disturbing, but hotly awesome piece of video is going viral it shows a few things about politics in Canada in 2015. One that the Harperites are extremely unhappy with the Mike Duffy saga; not so much for what Duffy did, but for how it’s played out. DoesContinue Reading