The Cornwall police are a financially over bloated and under performing service. There are some great officers there, but it’s leadership frankly…. The Police are now refusing to respond to basic questions from this newspaper. Whether it’s connected to the allegations against Chief Danny Aikman, which we haven’t even publishedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Last night’s meet, greet, and debate revealed that politicians do lie and I and Council candidate Brent Charles was surprised to finally get an honest answer from Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy regarding his failures and lies broken promises as a mayor. During the meet and greet, O’Shaughnessy was asked aboutContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  For several years now this newspaper has struggled with the CCPS for more transparency and more disclosure. Unlike forces in Kingston they refuse to give out a breakdown of calls of service.  They begrudgingly now give out a total of calls for the day although there areContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  So this writer is sitting at his desk when the phone rings.   Someone connected to City Hall informs me that the Conflicted Conflict of Interest award given to Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy, and Councilors Elaine Macdonald and Carilyne Hebert has been transferred to the City of Cornwall.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When my neighbor came to me complaining that they city was refusing to repave the sidewalks on our block because I lived on here I laughed at him.   I mean, that’s nuts and silly.   It would be an abuse of the public purse too. Imagine repaving aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The nightmare continues for Lancaster resident of over 30 years Geraldine Fitzpatrick. The retired CAS worker has had to deal with an issue that could at root be why so little development is occurring in South Glengarry Ontario where contractors have complained about City Hall’s handling ofContinue Reading

  “Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive.  You will thrive in-spite of it.”  Joel Osteen. All retaliation impacts many employees and is a serious issue for organizations not to mention very difficult to resolve.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s amazing how far some can get in the Cornwall area with just a PSW certificate.   Makes this writer think I should get one too. Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle has seen his take him to a top management position with near Sunshine List remuneration with CommunityContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The easiest way to explain what happens to WHISTLEBLOWERS is to use few examples from my case,  but this could have happened to anyone, your mother, father, daughter or son. There are multiple documents/books which give a template to shut down Whistleblowers. Step 1: Deny everything.   In myContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I get a lot of content inboxed.   All the political parties try to end around and massage story points, but today’s from Patrick Brown kinda takes the cake. I’ve decided to write this open letter to Mr. Brown and if Patrick wishes he can by all meansContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When you work full time in the media and do investigative journalism you see the best of people, but far more often you see the very worst; the scariest even.  You shake your head and hope you don’t end  up with PTSD or addiction issues because frankly;Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Oddly enough the Standard Freeholder was pretty much silent when this writer took our very hypocritical Mayor and two councilors to court over their gross conflict of interest over the utter joke that was the Benson Vanity University project that the mayor and councillors Elaine Macdonald, andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Some people are friendlier and more considerate than others.  Some make good neighbors, and then there seems to be one Natalie B Trottier, a lawyer with Federal Crown Tilton T Donihee, the local law firm that purchased Diane Lahaie’s old practice after she became a judge. WhereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – A war seems to be waged from the Cornwall Fire Services against Cornwall City Councilor Mark A MacDonald? At root has been Councilor MacDonald’s position that the city has to come to grip with Fire and other services. Essentially we have to live within our ability toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – We have a system that is utterly broken.  It’s a cash machine for law enforcement and judicial system that essentially depend on each other to earn their incomes and improve their budgets. There is a very low threshold of accountability for abuses or errors by police, andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  I live in a very strange community.  Ignorance and corruption are literally destroying our local economy.   Now two of the main three media are for sale, and the Standard Freeholder is rumored to be wobbly.  Corus Radio chopped its newsroom staff a few years ago asContinue Reading