November 7, 2023 – There’s stupid, and then there’s Cornwall stupid. As they say, “You get the government you deserve.”. Nobody is owed housing. Or food even. We live in a society where we give lip service to taking care of those who can’t or won’t take care of themselves.Continue Reading

I swear you can’t make up this utter and complete waste of money. The Bank of Montreal building is not a former theatre. It does not have parking. It will take millions of dollars to create a black box theatre that will be a white elephant in a community thatContinue Reading

EDITORIAL: They say you get the government you deserve and that has played out in spades sadly here in Cornwall. While MP Eric Duncan and Mayor Bernadette Clement were jigging it up at Mamma Mia Saturday night the Federal government issued a release that Princess Diamond was going to dumpContinue Reading

Government of Canada evacuating Canadians on board Diamond Princess cruise ship to the NAV Centre On February 15, the federal government announced that Global Affairs Canada has chartered a plane to repatriate Canadians on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan. Before leaving Japan, passengers will beContinue Reading

Another Business Closing : It’s sad, another loss for workers and bigger unemployment lines. In parallel, Cornwall at least on paper gets another black eye. Perception all around will be that Cornwall cannot keep business afloat. Most of us suspect though that two (2) big box hardware stores in CornwallContinue Reading

I love this town. It’s insane. I swear there’s something in the water, besides residue from Big Ben and lead. CFN has confirmed allegations that the letter to the editor published in the Standard Freeholder from Councilor Claude McIntosh was in fact not a letter to the editor, but inContinue Reading

Dear Editor, This past week the Cornwall community was stunned by a Facebook post claiming an “attack” had been perpetrated on a Cornwall City Councillor and the Cornwall Mayor. Information in the post suggested that the weapon used in the “attack” may have been a pen, rumoured to have beenContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I kinda giggled when I found out that there was a Canadian Francophone organisation locally.   Not because I disrespect Francophones, but this area has people like that silly man with his pins and of course Dianne Poirier, retired school teacher,  who besides being President of this localContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  There’s a certain ignorance and nastiness in Cornwall that’s embodied in people like my former neighbor Randy Sauve. There’s no crime in not being bright or capable of running one’s life without baby bonus.  There is when you stalk and rant after people who can create andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The SD&G Ospca twice refused full year ad plans from this newspaper, one paid for by a local businessperson.    Playing politics instead of putting the animals first has led to tragic results. “This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” said Carol Link, manager.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  One of the biggest problems in Cornwall is the utter failure of charities due to really bad politics. The United Way for example boycotts this newspaper.  They also kept missing their funding targets so they no longer have them.  Instead of acting like a responsible charity andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  One of the reasons so many journalists end up with PTSD is that we face the raw public.  While rarely to the same degree as our brave and talented emergency services or armed forces it can get pretty ugly, and it accumulates over the years. Something thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario– Long time Cornwall City Councilor and two time failed Liberal MP candidate Bernadette “Flipper” Clement  may step out of the closet and run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario finally!  At least that’s the buzz  heating up around the River City! When not using tax dollars at the legalContinue Reading