When you have to face a decision too many pet owners deal with the last thing you want to do is worry about cost or questions about whether you’re a regular customer of a vet clinic. Yet that was exactly what happened to this writer when my beloved cat SamContinue Reading

Dog Attack Causes Death of a Shih Tzu  (HAWKESBURY, ON) – On Tuesday February 27, 2018, members of the Hawkesbury OPP Detachment responded to an animal complaint in Vankleek Hill in the Champlain Township. While walking her two small dogs on Tuesday afternoon, the citizens’ Shih Tzu was attacked by a large Great Dane/Lab mix.Continue Reading

Alas Cornwall Ontario has some very strange ideas about how to govern itself.   Two years ago it was sending heavy machinery to destroy a families ice rink at Christmas. Last year it was attacking kids selling worms and lemonade from their home. Now in what has to be oneContinue Reading