CORNWALL Ontario – It’s time for our September 2014 Lihou Report; named after Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou, who raved about their numbers without really giving any numbers.    His narrative inspired this new name change in our numbers reporting as CFN has always tried to be upfront about the support we get from you;Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  I hate fake.  I hate fake flowers. I hate fake stuff.  Mostly I really am not a fan of fake people and fake spin; especially when it’s petty. Yesterday some very silly persons appearing to lack personal integrity tried to showboat with an ALS Ice Bucket challenge.Continue Reading

(photo:facebook) CORNWALL Ontario – Imagine using ALS as a cause to play petty small town politics?   That’s exactly what some media outlets did in Cornwall Ontario today. Many across social media are using the ALS challenge for the right reasons of raising awareness; but many are also using itContinue Reading

  CFN – Where to start; the political climate in this area is absolutely scary. This does not feel like a community, this feels like a battle between good and evil. I do not believe I need to define who is who, anyone with a functioning brain can see thatContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  For a new comer Hugo Rodrigues, editor of the Standard Freeholder and poobah at the Canadian Association of Journalists is upset.  He’s mad.  He’s talking radio licenses.   He’s not happy that Corus radio shut down their newsroom in Cornwall terminating three jobs. I agree with him.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Today Corus Radio shut down The Cornwall; essentially cutting down its local newsroom in Cornwall.    Three jobs were lost including,most likely, news director Bill Kingston who also represented the station as a member of the board of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce; aContinue Reading

CFN – Richard Currier and Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart seem to have an agenda.    The pair seem to keep popping up together and mayhem seems to follow them. Today the Seaway News printed a story nailing South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis. In the piece, which spells his name “Brian”,Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  That wacky Todd Lihou of the Seaway News has been caught telling Porkies again. Mr. Lihou wrote a column spouting how awesome the Seaway News is numerically speaking only he didn’t really give out numbers.  He just congratulated his paper while mentioning some limp stories. Frankly ifContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – That’s Todd Lihou, editor of The Seaway News.  He also has worked for the Freeholder in the past.    Yesterday Mr. Lihou, as editor of the Seaway News, published an article by Claude McIntosh. Mr. Lihou also has gone to journalism school.   Now in the publicContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Mark A MacDonald was a bit bewildered Saturday.   Busy with his projects including the RCAF Wing Mr. MacDonald was the subject of a Claude McIntosh column, but Mac’s Musing led to the public saying that Mr. MacDonald was not running for office in 2014 as IContinue Reading